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Jack's Museum of Gasoline Pumps, memories, and signs gas globes housed in Buellton, CA

Enjoy the photos, history, tours, parties, Gas Up, Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame, etc.

Ever wonder what happened to all those signs of the gas stations?  Porcelain road signs - now they are silk screened.
Or glass globes that sat on all the gasoline pumps? (300 + - different ones here.)

This group of photos is from the 
Gasoline Museum of Jack Mendenhall, Buellton, CA
This is the Home of The Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame

Jack and his family and friends created the Museum of Gasoline Pumps in Buellton, California.  The Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club uses this Museum to hold their annual Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Hall of Fame Bar-B-Que and Awards ceremony.  Jack organized the Security Team at Black Rock Desert in 1997, for the British and American attempts at the Land Speed Record.  He
was involved in Jalopy and Drag racing, and is a member of the SCTA/BNI 200 MPH Club, and a member of the Dry Lakes Hall of Fame. by Richard Parks