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Enjoy them. (about 120 photos in all) 

Santa Maria Car Show was held at the Santa Maria Fair Grounds
May 23, 24, 2009. 

I have taken a sampling of the cars for your enjoyment. 

From a lady sitting , waiting , watching the car patiently to

hoods up that look like they are eating people from the angle that

I took the photo, to fancy wheel chair art. 

We like the people in the photos, as most of the fellows who have

worked hard on these cars, with blood, sweat, tears, cussing, and

money, have many photos of them.  Ours are "snapshots" and we

just bring them for your enjoyment. 

The hanging of the magazine ads, (the white car - from FL - sdsc01886.jpg)

will be on the cover of one of the magazines next month (June / July 09),

while the gentleman that was on the phone reminds us all that we are in touch

with the world all the time. 

The last photo "fun loving guys"... thanks to all who helped

make this photo shoot enjoyable and smiled, moved out of

the way without anyone suggesting it.  Thank you.

E J Roth

cc: and 2009