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We have visitors who drive in with these super neat cars.  My camera and I walk around and try to capture

the feeling and beauty of the event.  As time and technology has progressed our presentation of these groups

has changed also.  We hope you enjoy.  (I have a Uncle who is in his 80's and on the computer and he

enjoys the radiators of the cars - so many times you will see the different radiators that come through our

Thank you for sharing your automobiles with our on line visitors.  Evey Roth  080618

Red Line Corvette Thousand Oaks area June 2008

Datsun  May 2008

Hot Rod San Francisco/Los Angles 2008

Hot Rod Terry Freeman 2008

Aage Block Jr. Celebration June 2008

Visitors in Feb. 08      
Visitors (Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg) Oct 20, 2007