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*Mark Mendenhall, Jack's son, will be carrying on his fathers tradition. Mark sees the Gas-Up
  Party and Dry Lakes Hall of Fame as becoming bigger and better in years to come. Mark hopes
  to be able to share the Museum so more people may enjoy the history of United States road
  system.  I have posted this on the website so you might want to mention it in one of your news-
  letters as we have been getting rumors that the Gas-Up will be stopping after this one.  NOT
  TRUE.  (Evelyn Roth)  Editor's notes: The Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Hall of Fame are in
  good hands with Mark and Vickie Mendenhall at the reins.  Mark and Vickie and their friends
  and family have catered the food, cooked and served it for every year that the Gas-Up Party has
  been held.  The Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club works very hard to put on this program
  at one of the best museums in Southern California.  Jack Mendenhall may have passed on, but 
  his memory still inspires many people to bring us this great event.
Mark , Dustin, Misty,   Hey you guy's from Scott Tietz And Howard Gehrke , 070816

We were messing around and googled Jack's site,
Dustin I do not believe you told me about your grampa's passing and if so
 I did not recall that you did ' Man I am so sorry to hear that, he was a great
 man,and  left an awesome  legacy..

I remember how nice he was to allow us to work on our vehicles at his place,
 not only that but it was so much fun to just talk to him about what all guy's
 love Cars , Racing, Motors, and ledges  in the car world.
And he made us all feel special in our own rights.
Well he made his place in heaven.
We are late , but we send our love to you all.