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To All Our Friends;
The POP Motorsports landspeed race team has returned from Bonneville's Speedweek with a sad tale to tell.  The Streamliner didn't make it.  Crew Chief Doug Odom made a first test run on Monday and managed a respectable 236 MPH run although he had an engine fire during his shut down when an oil hose came loose.  It took a day and a half to repair the damage and change engines and then Gail drove her first test run late Wed.  
The run went well until the shut down at the 5 mile when the high-speed chute came out and all went topsy-turvy.  When we see the video that was fortunately taken by the event videographer, we'll have a better idea about why it happened, but at 242 MPH the car flipped on its side, slid a long ways, then began to pencil roll until it came to a stop, fortunately top side up.
Gail managed to get herself out, with a little helping hand that she later discovered was her own husband's - Al was the first car on the scene (we think he may have driven faster than Gail).  After no fewer than 5 paramedics had checked her over she was able to convince them that she was okay.  They insisted she go to the hospital to be checked by a Dr but it was a 2 hr drive away so she also managed to have Al drive her instead of an ambulance. Even the Dr couldn't find anything wrong except a slight headache which a few aspirin took care of easily. The prediction of sore muscles the next day did not materialize although several bruises did appear in odd places.
5 accidents occurred in 2 days but we believe none had serious injuries, thankfully.  The salt was the best it has been in over 30 years and they had 3 courses set up, 1 long and 2 short so even the lines were manageable. 
If you are so inclined here are two links to news reports from Salt Lake City TV stations.  Copy and paste into your browser bar and then find the small TV on the page with a heading about Bonneville then click on it to start the news report.  
Several photos are attached which we hope won't bog down your computers too much. We are thankful that we all returned home safe and sound and next week we will begin thinking about our future racing plans and goals.  (Doug says he can fix the car - Yikes!)
Our best wishes to all our special friends :-)
Gail & Al Phillips