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#2 OZ Trip 2001

 #3 C-5 Vette at Bonneville 2006 

#4 Doug's Racing History 

Australia 2007    

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Gails Records - Doug has some in the Austin Healey Sprite also. (Crew chief)

Vehicle Information: 

#1    Body Class:  Modified Sports 1959 Austin Healey Sprite

        Engine Size: E Small block Chevrolet 258 C.I. (Gas and Fuel)
                          C - Small block Chevrolet 350 C.I. (Gas) 


                       Bonneville Speed Week

1997 179.62 MPH   E/GMS  Gail
1999 202.09 MPH   E/GMS  Gail
7th Woman inducted into Bonneville 200 MPH Club

Bonneville World of Speed

   2004    205.98 MPH         E/FMS (w/Nitrous) Gail

    Muroc Reunion Edward Air Force Base

1997   163.44 MPH         E/GMS  Gail
1997   204.489 MPH       C/GMS  Doug
1999   171.10 MPH         E/GMS  Gail

El Mirage Dry Lake, Mojave Desert

1999  173.34 MPH          E/GMS Gail

Lake Gairdner, South Australia

2001    205.53 MPH       E/GMS  Gail
2001    220 MPH           C/GMS  Doug
           (Gail & Doug - DLRA 200 MPH Club Members)



#2    Body Class: Grand Touring 1999 C-5 Chevrolet Corvette

        Engine Size: E Small block Chevrolet 258 C.I.

        ( D -Sm blk Chevy 304 C.I. planned for speeds over 200 MPH in 2007)


                      Bonneville  Speed Week

                   2006 190.156 MPH    E/GT  Gail


#3    Body Class:        Streamliner Custom hand-formed aluminum body

Engine Sizes: D - 400 CI and C - 304 CI Small block Chevrolet
motors in Gas and Fuel classes.

Goal Speeds:  Over 300 MPH



My fastest speed to date:  215 MPH with 20% Nitrous in Vehicle #1

Current Landspeed License: A Level - allows for speeds up to 250 MPH

(E-125MPH, D-150MPH, C-175MPH, B-200MPH, A- 250MPH, AA- 300+)


Club Memberships: 

Bonneville Nationals, Inc.  (BNI)

Southern California Timing Association (SCTA)

Gold Coast Roadster and Racing Club (GCRR)

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA)

Dry Lakes Racers Australia (DLRA)


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