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#1 Gail's Racing History  

#2 OZ Trip 2001

 #3 C-5 Vette at Bonneville 2006 

#4 Doug's Racing History 

Australia 2007    

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Kelly - Al - Gail -  Doug - Wayne 
~ New World Record 190 MPH  E/GT Class ~ Aug. 2006-Bonneville, Utah

Doug Odom - Crew Chief - Engine/Car Builder Extraordinar  Doug has over 40 years experience building and racing cars  in NASCAR, SCCA and SCTA.  Also he worked for Shelby American and Holman-Moody Strope. E-mail: dlodom and the rest is @charter.net

Gail Watson Phillips - Driver   fastdrvr  and the rest is  @verizon.net

Allen Phillips - Team Leader - Racing Facilitator.  Al has many years of experience restoring straight-axle  Corvettes.  E-Mail:   fastdrvr and the rest is @verizon.net

Wayne Villard - Crew - Engine Mechanic and fabricator.  Wayne has worked on sprint and stock cars for the past 10 years.  

 Ron Kealen - Crew -  Metal and paint expert. Ron has painted many show cars in his years of running his own body shop.

Kelley Pulser - Newest Crew Member - who does what ever has to be done.


Ray Rosson - Radiator Builder and Mechanic

Ray (Lee) - Ron - Al - Doug - Wayne - Gail

~At El Mirage Dry Lakes in 1999. ~


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