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SOCIETY OF LANDSPEED RACING HISTORIANS Newsletter #22.  Websites posting the newsletter are:
President's Corner: By Jim Miller. 
  Here's what I found on The Andy Granatelli Hall of Fame Museum. It is one of the Dean V. Kruse Foundations
  museums. It's a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Their address for this museum is PO Box One, Auburn, Indiana
  46706, 260-927-9144.  From their web site.  "Almost 400 friends, family and race fans gathered in May
  2007, to pay tribute to one of the Indy 500’s greatest supporters – Andy Granatelli.  Andy Granatelli was
  in the spotlight as ground was broken for a museum in Auburn, Indiana, bearing his name, the Andy
  Granatelli Hall of Fame Museum. The Granatelli museum was an idea formulated when Dean Kruse visited
  Granatelli’s home and saw all his racing memorabilia in boxes. He knew instantly the items needed to be
  in a museum. But Granatelli demanded the facility be the closest one to the highway.  It will be – right
  next to Interstate 69, where 39,000 cars drive by every day.  The 28,000-square-foot museum is expected
  to open in the fall 2008.  The facility will tell the story of the first-generation Italian American who rose
  to prominence in racing and put his imprint on America's racing signature Memorial Day Weekend event
  as well as leading the way in advertising, innovative product delivery, and marketing.  In addition to
  housing the Hall of Fame trophies Granatelli has received, others also will begin to be inducted into the
  facility’s own Hall of Fame.  The museum annually will recognize those who carry on Andy Granatelli’s
  innovative spirit.
1) 8 Nov 2007  http://nhra.com/2007/dragster.asp.  Hi Everyone!  I found this today on the NHRA website
  and wanted to share it with you.  I don't know about you, but I've been re-living the moment ever since.
  It was even more amazing than I imagined...With love and thanks.  Cindy Gibbs     Cindy: Thank you for
  all that you did to make our Dad's Celebration of Life last Sunday a very special day.
2) Thank you for the Newsletter and thank you for adding me to the list of members. I am honored!  It
  was a pleasure to - officially - meet you at the Museum yesterday. Like I said, it's always nice to meet
  someone in person after exchanging e-mail and phone calls.  I took the liberty of adding a link to the
  Society Newsletter Archives posted on www.Oilstick.com to the Road Runners website. I know a lot of
  old Road Runners and friends visit our site regularly. Hopefully, those with historical information and
  memories will be encouraged to send pictures and stories, especially after seeing what the Society of
  Land Racing Historians is all about.  As I was telling you Wednesday, and as I share with Jim Miller
  when I get new pictures and info, there is a bit of information beginning to float to the surface.  I took
  a look back at the early SCTA materials that I told you I found in the Road Runners archives. Here
  is a list of the very early items. I also am attaching a MSWord document that has the complete list. I
  recently found some other materials from another member, Mike Wheeler - circa '60's. I documented
  those items and returned the originals to him. Most of that was from the early to mid 60's. As significant
  new materials are found I will keep you posted on what turns up. I know it's out there...... just have
  to find it!   Jerry Cornelison, Road Runners       Jerry: Welcome to the Society and we look forward to
  examining your records to see if they are new to the book that Dad was creating.  Please link ALL of the web
  sites listed in our letterhead to your site, because each and every one of them is helping us to communicate
  with other racing groups who share similar interests with us.
3) Items of interest collected by Jerry Cornelison:
  a. Working or Draft copy of "Articles of Incorporation of The Southern California Timing Association" - original,
      typed, with Notary note (no seal) dated May 2, 1938
  b. Working or Draft copy of "Constitution and By-Laws of the Southern California Timing Association Incorporated
      - A Non-Profit Corporation" - original, typed, penned notes, changes, corrections, undated.
  c. Working or Draft copy of "Proposed amendments to the by laws..." 5 items, dated 1/1/49
  d. Handwritten minutes of SCTA Board of Directors for March 3, 1941 and March 17, 1941
  e. Rules Revisions - 5 pages, handwritten - circa 38 to 40 (no specific date)
  f. Rules Revisions - 3 pages, handwritten - undated but looks old (30's/40's)
  g. SCTA Board Reps Meeting minutes (mimeographed) - June 16,1950; July 14, 1950; Aug 4, 1950; Sept 8,
      1950; Nov 10, 1950 & Dec 8, 1950
  h. SCTA Board Reps Meeting minutes (mimeographed) - Jan 16, 1953; Mar 20, 1953; Apr 17, 1953; May
      15, 1953; June 19, 1953; July 17, 1953; Sept 18, 1953; Oct 16, 1953 (2 copies); Nov 20, 1953 & Dec
      18, 1953
  i. SCTA Board Reps Meeting minutes (mimeographed) - Jan 15, 1954; Feb 19, 1954; Mar 19, 1954; Apr
      16, 1954; May 21, 1954; June 18, 1954; Sept 17, 1954; Oct 15, 1954; Nov 19, 1954 & Dec 17, 1954
  j. SCTA Board Reps Meeting minutes - handwritten originals - Jan 6, 1961; March 17, 1961; May 19, 1961;
      July 21, 1961; Oct 20, 1961; Nov 17, 1961 (by Bill Graham - Road Runners)
  k. SCTA Board Reps Meeting minutes - typed originals - Jan 15, 1960; Feb 19, 1960; Mar 18, 1960; Apr
      15, 1960; May 13, 1960; June 17, 1960; July 8, 1960; Aug 12, 1960; Sept 9, 1960; Oct 14, 1960; Nov
      4th & 11th, 1960; Dec 16, 1960; Feb 17, 1961; April 21, 1961; June 16, 1961 (by Bill Graham - Road
  l. SCTA El Mirage Dry Lakes Meet (Results) - typed (not sure it these are originals or copies) - May 7, 1961;
      July 9, 1961; July 17, 1961 (2 copies); Oct 15, 1961
  m. Results 1/2 Mile Nov 15, 1957 - RTA and SCTA (joint meet) - typed but copy I think. Back page has
      handwritten notes that looks like they are from a Road Runners meeting: proposed officer and reps
      nominations; list of some members with fees payments (?) notations; doodles.
4) I've started www.speedstylemagazine.com. I'm in total control of this and can get things up when I
  want them up.  The intro column is there right now, along with a sampler of stories and Toyota's Night
  of Champions, which was held at the Museum.  Take a look and let me know what you think!  Best
  Regards, Bill Moore
5) Grand National Roadster Show, Two Day Pinstripers Reunion presented by Von Hot Rod, at the Los Angeles
  County Fairplex, Pomona, California, on January 25-26, 2008.  Live auction of pinstriping memorabilia with all
  proceeds to go to the Progeria Research Foundation.  See www.pinstriperreunion.com or contact Von Hot Rod
6) Shav Glick, 1920-2007, a public remembrance. Los Angeles Auto Show, Los Angeles Convention Center,
  November 14, 5:30 pm, West Hall, Room 515 (upstairs).  Through the courtesy of the management of the
  Los Angeles Auto Show, and under the auspices of the Motor Press Guild, an informal tribute to Shav
  Glick will be held on Wednesday, November 14 at 5:30PM in room 515 of the L A. Convention Center
  upstairs in West Hall.  All members of the media as well as the general public are invited to attend.  All
  Auto Show halls will be closed at 5:30PM, but room 515 (where the MPG breakfast takes place that
  morning) will remain open for an extra hour or so for Shav’s friends and colleagues to reminisce about
  the life and times of that gentle journalist.  Please try to join us on Wednesday...Shav would be pleased.
  Doug Stokes, stokes28@earthlink.net
7) "Lions Drag Strip, Part 2" video recaptures the drag strip's glory years is available 24/7 from Hot Rod
  Nostalgia at www.hotrodnostalgia.com.  The latest edition of HRN also covers the life and death of
  another California landmark: the Mammoth Orange, last of the roadside burger joints shaped like big
  oranges.  "Lions: The Greatest Drag Strip, Part 2" is the latest in a series of DVDs documenting the
  history of Lions Drag Strip.  Part 2 picks up where the first video left off, in mid-1961.  Producer Don
  Gillespie, a former track photographer, combines rare 1962-66 action footage with recent interviews
  of racers, track workers and others. This 100-minute DVD (Item 7701) can be purchased online or call
  209-293-2114.  Dave Wallace
8) Could you put Zach Suhr on your mailing list, Thanks, Henry Astor     Henry: Will do. Zach: Welcome
  to the SLSRH.
Members: Jonathan Amo, Brett Arena, Henry Astor, Glen Barrett, Lee Blaisdell, Warren Bullis, Gary Carmichael,
Jerry Cornelison, G. Thatcher Darwin, Jack Dolan, Ugo Fadini, Robert Falcon, Rich Fox, Glenn Freudenberger,
Don Garlits, Bruce Geisler, Stan Goldstein, Andy Granatelli, Walt James, Wendy Jeffries, Ken Kelley, Mike Kelly,
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