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SOCIETY OF LANDSPEED RACING HISTORIANS Newsletter #14.  Websites posting the newsletter are:
President's Corner: By Jim Miller.  (No report received)
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from August)
Due to a backlog of related topics that I couldn't access, there will be more than one issue of the newsletter this
1) Please put me on your list to send the  Land speed Historians newsletter.  Haven't seen you for awhile. 
  How are you holding up with all the work you are putting out.  I mostly stay around home now.  I am not
  like Rickman, he gets better with age.  I was 80 last January.  Willard Ritchie (the General)
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from August)
2) Chuck Abbott was a fixture in the SoCal auto racing scene for many, many years...starting with Dry
  Lakes racing then to Track Roadsters and Drag Racing then on to Sprint Cars, Midgets and Indy Cars.
  He may have had some involvement with Sporty Cars of the 1950's since he was a friend of some of the
  pioneer home builders like Duffy Livingston.  He was a member of the Dry Lakes Hall of Fame.  I have
  an interesting tale of when our paths first crossed in the early 1950's.  Chuck's passing may be of interest
  to some in your circle.  Bob Falcon
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from August)
3) Lymington, England –  Frank Swanston Project Manager for the British Steam Car Team died unexpectedly
  this morning from complications of lung cancer.  “He was taken so suddenly,” said Team Administrator Lynne
  Angel, “he will be sorely missed. Frank was a dear friend as well as work colleague. When he arrived we all
  came together; he was the father figure of the team.  We relied on him so much.”  Team owner/ driver Charles
  Burnett III, still stunned by the news, remarked, “Frank was such a font of wisdom; he seems to have driven
  every kind of race car under the sun. He was a huge resource of experience and knowledge for our land speed
  records project. This is a heavy hit for all of us.”  Frank Swanston was a consulting engineer well known in
  motor racing circles; his four decade long professional engineering background was firmly rooted in race car
  design, vehicle development and build programs including prototype work.  From rally to touring cars, or
  historics to formula one, he was also a crack test driver and top-notch fabricator -- impeccable credentials to
  lead the final phases of the vehicle build, testing, development of the steam car record attempt.  Hi past postings
  include: Race Engineer at Hexagon, Technical Director at Turbo Tork, Chief Engineer / Race Engineer at
  Janspeed Motorsport, Technical Engineer at Janspeed Engineering and Consulting Engineer at Powertrain
  Developments. Further information can be located at: www.frankswanston.co.uk.   Peter Candy, engineering
  consultant to the team, friend and colleague of Frank’s since the late 80’s, reflected, “Anyone who worked
  with him benefited from the experience, I could trust whatever he told me. When Frank was Director of
  Janspeed, they pioneered turbocharging conversions long before the OEM’s woke up to power boost
  potential for engines. He also prepared dozens of MGF sports cars for a race series and helped develop a
  London taxicab prototype to run on propane that passed all applicable emission tests in force at the time. Frank
  also campaigned such iconic racing machines as Lister Jaguars and Birdcage Maseratis.”  Team mate Peter
  Prove who also worked with him at Janspeed, shared his observations, “Frank brought credibility to our steam
  project; he had earned such immense respect from everyone who knew him and worked with him in the motor
  sports. People knew if Frank were involved, it was a serious project.  He was good engineer, good person and
  good friend.  Frank created a comfortable working environment, one where you could come to him with problems
  and not feel you were going to be in trouble. Frank had an engineer’s analytical mind and could sort out problems
  properly without fuss or drama. You knew were the lines were drawn yet he trusted you to do whatever job he
  assigned you. His management style was that of mutual trust.” Frank Swanston spent so many years leading so
  many racing teams that he could sense when things were off kilter with people. Prove concluded with this insight:
  “He had the ability to help you through rough patches in your personal life and had wide shoulders that you could
  lean on if you wanted to.”  Perhaps the words of Pam Swanston, Frank’s wife, sum up how the team felt when
  the news slammed home earlier today, “Why do they always take the most kind and generous of this world?”
  The team mourns his loss and extends the deepest sympathies to his entire family. Services are pending.  From
  Louise Ann Noeth at LandSpeed Productions, louise@landspeedproductions.biz.
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from July)
4) Dear Land Speed Enthusiasts, There is this Texan, Charles Burnett III who is building a steam turbine-powered
  streamliner in southern England to vaporize the 200MPH barrier. Along the way Burnett hopes to eclipse Fred
  Marriott’s Stanley Steamer record of 127.659MPH on Daytona Beach and Bob Barber’s 145.607 MPH record
  set on the salt in 1985.  His team of very dedicated Brits in England have launched an appeal and he would like
  for you to visit the web site www.britishsteamcarappeal.co.uk  where for just a couple bucks your name or
  company logo will be placed on a Union Jack which will then be inscribed onto the car, enabling you to become
  "a part of history"!  Before anyone starts beating me up for promoting “the competition” let me gently remind you
  that we Yanks owe the Brits a debt of gratitude for keeping the interest up in the sport of  land speed racing. It
  really is a novel way to raise a few quid to keep the project rolling along. I’ve visited the workshop a couple times
  and can tell you the only difference in that shop and one in the USA is they drink a lot more tea, talk funny and
  don’t use inches very much. Otherwise, they are just as determined to nail a land speed record as the rest of us.
  So, if you ever wanted you name on a race car, but couldn’t afford a sponsorship, here’s you big chance. I’m
  trying to figure out which ones I want!  If you have any questions, please contact the Steam Car manager, Lynne
  Angel, at lynne@ecoengine.co.uk.  Speedy Regards, "LandSpeed" Louise Ann Noeth
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from June)
5) The annual SAH Literature Faire will be held this Sunday.  Site is in around the perimeter of the huge
  parking lot at the NHRA Museum. Visitor gates open at 0800 and teardown will be at 1500.  Admission
  and Parking is free. The museum is located on McKinley Avenue adjacent to The Sheraton Hotel and
  admission is through Fairplex Gate No. One, which is attended. They will ask for your destination and
  offer directions.  This will be the very first public showing of our award winning Shoehorn Rapid
  Extrication Tool invention.  We will also have our two national awards on display.  See you there!  Bob
  Falcon            Bob: Sorry to print this so late.  Was the SAH Literature Faire at the Museum or at Fontana?
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from June)
6) Just to let you know – renowned boat racing champ, Marion Beaver passed away on June 21, 2007, at
  age 90. A sportsman, politician and family man, he was incredible. He was the patriarch of Parker Motor
  Co., the second’s oldest Ford dealership in the state of Arizona. He had eight world speed records. Be-
  sides being a national boat racing champion, he was also a pilot. See pioneer@havasunews.com to read
  his life story.  Joan Travis/Ward
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from June)
7) Friday morning was the starting time for SCTA's portion of the trash removal and other improvement projects.
  Our area was the West end of the lakebed. Ed Timmons and I teamed up with his Ford dually and headed for
  our area. The weather was pleasant at 8 AM. By 10 AM we had a full load including an abounded triple recliner
  couch that was a real test to load. It had become a little breezy. We clocked the dust at 38 MPH while returning
  to the East end where the roll-off bin was located. The participation from SCTA for the cleanup was pretty light.
  A couple of hours of picking up trash in the area we use will not be life threatening to anyone. Please keep this
  in mind for the October cleanup. The wind blew pretty hard all thru inspections and was still going strong after
  the evening course walk.  Saturday morning comes pretty early and we're in line with the truck serviced and
  warmed up before the 7:15 drivers meeting. Steve Toller is driving and just missed bumping our record by less
  than 4/10 MPH. No problem - - it's a two day meet with lots of time left. Second run is made by Rick Head,
  good friend and turbo system sponsor (Exile Turbo). Well, the 44 pounds of boost on the first run must have
  taken a toll on the 7 year old and many times patched intercooler and it blew a large panel out well before the
  lights with Rick coasting thru at 147 MPH. Trailer time. We are also crewing for Bob Eaton's A/BFR. The KB
  quits running while warming up in the pits. This just doesn't happen. Mag died and it's trailer time for the roadster.
  Sunday is a pretty laid back day for us since everything is broken. Fast Freddie Dannenfelzer mad a beautiful 290
  MPH run for top time of the meet. There were 25 new records set on some great dirt.  June Meet.  It had been
  a busy month, new intercooler and related mounting brackets and ducting plus a trip to the SALT for course
  layout and dragging. Saturday morning is a gorgeous beginning for the weekend - - the  weather was one to get
  real estate agents excited. Inspections go well with a lot of new inspectors pitching in. Their help is very much
  appreciated. Sunday is easy for us since we are no longer in the top 25. After the drivers meeting Steve and I
  prep the truck and wait for the second band to be called. My turn to drive. Everything is going great and the little
  diesel is charging hard when it lets out a cloud of white smoke and drops a cylinder at about 133 MPH according
  to the tach. I envision parts exiting the motor so decide to turn out towards the tower. Speed, Dirt and Turns are
  not a good combination. All 200 inches of wheel base did a 360. Only damage was to the rear tires that were to
  be retired after the July meet. Engine damage to be determined. My apologies to my fellow racers for holding up
  the meet. There will be no further chassis stability testing - - I have my pin.  On a good note congratulations go
  to fellow LSR member Donny Cummins who put the 511 Street Roadster in the record book at 200 plus MPH
  and got in the Dirty 2 Club. There were 20 other records set also which is an indication of the excellent course
  conditions we are enjoying this year. Of course if it weren't for the hundreds of volunteers involved in all facets
  of preparing for and conducting these meets our sport would not be a reality. A special thanks goes to Mike
  Schuricht for help with the photography. By the way, if you are one of the 500 plus entrants for Speedweek the
  salt looks real good. See you in July.  Jim Dunn
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from June)
8) WOW, Jocko Johnson, LIVES!!!!  And YES, he is still alive too!  I am lucky enough to own an original
  African Mahogany Chair!  Jocko gave it to John many years ago...and it sits proudly in our closet and
  we sit on it to put our socks and sneakers on!   Maybe I should move it out to the Living Room.  HA!  
  Karen Raffa
Editor's notes: This came to an old Rnparks1 address, which I could not access until I got DSL. (from June)
9) If you wish to be removed, please let me know and you'll be removed from our records. If I have your
  email address bounce back as undeliverable, I'll clean your record off my list. I hope you've been enjoying
  the new look of our web site and that you visit us often to keep informed as to how we're progressing. Jon
  M. Higley C.I.O./E.A.D., Crew Lead/Webmaster, North American Eagle, Inc. http://www.landspeed.com
Editor's notes: Derek McLeish, a Gear Grinder, sent in these thoughts which he shared with many in the SCTA.
10) To quote the MC Board vision, and these are quotes I've heard over the last month.
...1. "We want competition between individuals not just against a number."
...2. "If I had my way we would not have the Production class."
...3. Ban all sidecars, "amen."
...4. "If you can't break the national speed limit you aren't racing."
...5. "The car guys want fewer classes for the motorcycles."
...6. "The minimums are all too low, wait till we raise them all."
...7. "Racing for points screws up El Mirage."
  If we want more competition among people, not against records and minimums, we should have one
  class restrictor plate type racing. The SCTA could be just like NASCAR, devoid of flathead and roadster
  classes.  The SCTA is the last stronghold of amateur hot rod racing.  To me that means, we relish
  innovation and participation of the individual. Hot rods broke from the idea that the "factory" had
  the corner on innovation. That's why we race against records or minimums for speed by class and
  engine size.  Does the FIA care who has the fastest flathead, or vintage four? No Does the FIM care
  who has the fastest pushrod motorcycle? No SCTA style racing gives us little guys a chance to compete
  and not just by buying the latest sport bike. A vision of the future has to consider the past, and rules
  should only be changed when there is a real reason to change them, not just an agenda which I believe
  is contrary to spirit of the SCTA.  Derek McLeish
Editor's notes: The editor apologizes for just now receiving Garry's email sent months ago.
11) Hi Richard, its Garry Baker in Melbourne....just got some news that Rosie passed away.  We used to
  dialogue quite a bit, quite recently too, because John Hyam at the South London press is currently doing
  a story on him.  There's a few links and bits below which might be of use to you....all Rosie related.  
Editor's notes: The following was received May 2007, but I was unable to receive it at the time.
12) Just a quick note to tell you that I really would appreciate it very much if you would attend or par-
  ticipate, however big or small, in my Gala on May 20th, per the enclosed invitation.  Please let me
  know if you plan to attend or participate in anyway.  Andy Granatelli   Andy: I know that a number
  of our Society of Landspeed Racing Historians would have loved to have come to the opening of your
  museum.  We formed in September, long after the Grand Opening was scheduled.  But we are interested
  in seeing your museum and spreading the word to the racing community.
13) I would be very happy to display any and all artifacts or if the owner's would gift it to my museum, they
  could take a tax deduction. I know that you probably don't realize how much I had to do with the history
  and heritage of landspeed, dry lakes and hot rodding. If you are interested, I could send you proof of the
  above. Have you read my autobiography, "They Call Me Mr. 500"? Please advise. I am sending you info
  of my museum by mail.  Andy       Andy: I will post your comments to the new Society of Landspeed Racing
  Historians Newsletter and ask our President, Jim Miller, if we can schedule a trip to visit your museum.  Then we
  can put out a recommendation to land speed racers that your museum accepts donations and collections. We are
  looking forward to seeing your new museum.  Also, we would love to have any memories from your land speed
  racing days to put into the newsletter.
Members: Jonathan Amo, Brett Arena, Henry Astor, Glen Barrett, Lee Blaisdell, Warren Bullis, Gary Carmichael,
G. Thatcher Darwin, Jack Dolan, Ugo Fadini, Robert Falcon, Rich Fox, Glenn Freudenberger, Don Garlits, Bruce
Geisler, Stan Goldstein, Andy Granatelli, Walt James, Wendy Jeffries, Mike Kelly, Mary Ann and Jack Lawford,
Fred Lobello, Dick Martin, Ron Martinez, Tom McIntyre, Don McMeekin, Tom Medley, Jim Miller, Don
Montgomery, Mark Morton, Louise Ann Noeth, David Parks, Richard Parks, Wally Parks (in memoriam), Eric
Rickman, Willard Ritchie, Roger Rohrdanz, Evelyn Roth, Ed Safarik, Frank Salzberg, Charles Shaffer, Mike
Stanton, David Steele, Doug Stokes, Bob Storck, Pat Swanson, Al Teague, JD Tone and Jack Underwood.