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This is the first newsletter for the Dry Lakes/Landspeed Historians group. 
There are seven of us who are original members.  Jim Miller is the temporary chairman.  
The purpose of this historical group is to preserve the history and heritage
 of landspeed and dry lakes racing, to promote the hot rodding culture and
to work towards a permanent repository where artifacts can be safely kept
and restored for future generations.  Another goal is to encourage historians,
 photographers and others to publish their books and photographs. 
All groups change over time, but here is how Jim Miller
and I envisioned such a group of historians.  R. Parks

1) Responsibilities: We are not asking for dues, duties or commitments other than what a member wishes to do.

    We don't envision needing to raise money since we are basically an email group.  The positions in the group

    would consist of a President and Newsletter editor and Jim has consented to be the interim leader and I have

    offered to be the temporary editor and secretary.  All positions are elected by a general email vote once a  

    year.  No positions are paid.

2) Meetings:  A monthly meeting would be held at a motorsports museum around Southern California. Business

    would be conducted, the name, by-laws and officers elected.  It would be a loose confederation similar to the

    Fabulous Fifties Un-group.  Then a tour of the museum would be next. By holding a meeting in a museum we

    would gain contacts and let people know of our interest in preserving the hot rodding and landspeed history.

3) Museum: A major goal of our group would be to encourage a museum or museums to take up the task of

    keeping and preserving our hot rodding and landspeed history. 

4) Promotion: Another goal would be to promote each other's works, whether they are textual, photographic, art

    or the building or restoring of vintage racing vehicles.  The newsletter is for the purpose of letting the

    members present news of interest and to list upcoming events.  Whatever is received by the members will be

    included in the upcoming newsletters.

5) Directory: An email directory will be compiled of the names of the members, to be given out to members

    only, but no email address, phone number or street address will be divulged in it without the person's consent.

Thank you for your interest.

Richard Parks


Letter 070905 #4