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1) ...sign up David Steele.  cheers, Henry Astor    Henry: He's on the list.
2) As far as I am concerned, either way you send the newsletter I can open the attachment without any
  problem.  But I use a Mac, which makes life easier and happier (no, I am not paid by Mr. Jobs...)  Re my
  email address, no problem, it's public, but I prefer to let everyone know my web site address:, so they give a look to my models first and then can send me an email using the link
  at the end of every page.  There are full stories about most of the real cars modelled, so it may be of in-
  terest even to those who are not interested in scale models.  Many thanks for all the work you are doing
  and all the best.  Ugo Fadini      Ugo: In the beginning, all groups go through this discovery period until they
  find a way they like to operate.  It appears that I will run two newsletters.  One will be a normal email and the
  other one an attachment.  I will take requests from members whenever they have trouble with one or the other
3) I'd appreciate being on the list. Especially if it is via email.  Many thanks, Bob Storck    Bob: Welcome.
4) Editor's notes: I use all letters received from the members if it appears that it might be of interest to the readers.
  If it is personal and confidential, please tell me so.  If what you have to say is important for others to know, I will
  remove any reference to the sender and run the letter as 'Anonymous.'  It doesn't happen very often, but mistakes
  are made and the policy of the newsletter is to issue a general apology, a personal apology and a retraction.  But
  rather than have that happen, please let me know if you spot any mistakes in past newsletters and clearly write
  "PERSONAL" on your emails.
5) Could I please be added to the news letter list?   Frank Salzberg      Frank: Welcome!
6) They (newsletters) came through fine.  I have some personal experiences relating to the interaction of
  the glider and speed record guys in the late 50s at El Mirage and Rosamund.  Maybe some other lakes.
  Had some good cooperation and interesting tales.  Cheers, Bob Storck
7) Steve Fossett's plane is missing in Nevada.  Does anyone have any news on the situation?  Fossett purchased
  Craig Breedlove's LSR car and equipment and was attempting to break the land speed record.
8) Editor's notes: The policy of the Newsletter is not to divulge names and addresses unless approval is given. 
  The exception is where such names, addresses and phone numbers are public record or appear in circulation. 
  The following information on the SCTA is on their internet site and is open to the public record.
  2007 SCTA Club Presidents or representatives
  Eliminators- Jack Kelly, 310-546-1187,
  Gear Grinders- Bob Webb, 714-839-9554, 
  Gold Coast Roadsters- Matt Williams, 805-965-4141
  High Desert Racers- George Callaway, 760-388-4105
  Lakers- Warren Bullis, 714-525-3378 hm,
  Land Speed Racers- Steve Davies, 714-671-9454,,
  Milers- Doug Robinson,
  Road Runners- Mike Ferguson, 951-683-8276,
  Rod Riders- Don Ferguson III, 310-462-2962,,
  SDRC- Eric Eyres, 858-673-0129,
  Sidewinders- Ron Main, 818-883-3408,
  Super Fours- Keith Allen, 818-367-0346
  2007 SCTA Officers
  President Jim Lattin 559-528-6279   
  Vice President Bob Webb 714-742-9554  
  Treasurer Warren Bullis 714-525-3378
  Secretary Russ Eyres 858-228-6256  
  Sergeant at Arms Don Ferguson III 310-462-2962  
  ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------
  2007 SCTA Appointed Board and Technical Staff Members
  Association Chaplin:  Don Carr 818-832-8534
  Communications: Mike Manghelli 661-946-5511  
  Motorcycle Committee Chairman: Russ O'Daly 562-947-5432  
  Chief Motorcycle Inspector: Tom Evans 818-352-9109  
  BNI Chairman: Mike Cook
  Timing & Communications: Ron Cohn 818-786-1575  
  BNI Treasurer: Steve Toller 562-692-5993  
  Motorcycle Staff: Bob Moreland 760-481-8174 hm
  2007 SCTA Advisory Board Members
  Chuck Kalbach:  BLM Liaison,
  Greg & JoAnn Carlson:  Media Liaison,
  Penny Cook:  Merchandise, Mail Order,
  Lonnie Martin: El Mirage Maintenance
  Mike Manghelli: SCTA Club Liaison 
  Timing & Communications: Bob Oppermann
  Dan Warner: Rules & Record Certification,
  Lee Kennedy - Car Technical Co-Chair 805-522-8134,
  Alan Fogliadini - Car Technical Co-Chair 805-684-3776
  2007 BNI Board Members
  Chairman Mike Cook
  Secretary Jim Lattin 760-942-1976  
  Treasurer Steve Toller 562-692-5993  
  SCTA-BNI Office, PO Box 10, Orosi, CA  93647  559-528-6279,
  SCTA Racing News and Web Site, Event Results and Photos, Ed Safarik, 661-245-3524,
  SCTA Photographer-  Stewart Harnick 
  Members: Henry Astor, Glen Barrett, Warren Bullis, Jack Dolan, Ugo Fadini, Robert Falcon, Rich Fox, Glenn
  Freudenberger, Bruce Geisler, Stan Goldstein, Walt James, Wendy Jeffries, Dick Martin, Ron Martinez, Tom
  McIntyre, Don McMeekin, Tom Medley, Jim Miller, Don Montgomery, Mark Morton, Louise Ann Noeth, David
  Parks, Richard Parks, Wally Parks, Erich Rickman, Roger Rohrdanz, Evelyn Roth, Ed Safarik, Frank Salzberg,
  Charles Shaffer, Mike Stanton, Doug Stokes, Bob Storck, Al Teague, JD Tone and Jack Underwood.