GAS UP Party Photos - Sept 30, 2000 - Mendenhall's Museum

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Yes, here is my yellow drink ticket as she moved in fast motion causing her hair to fly through the air.

Couldn't help notice the tee shirt.  

Notice this tee shirt that she wears - Life Member in the 200 Club.  And those curves tell me she is all WOMAN.  Yah, for our side..... 

Another happy racer....
Just found some more photos so here they are - More Photos
As this is the last of the photos that I have taken I wish to thank everyone who participated in the event from attending to helping.  Dawn Oakley who just walked in and went to work at the counter to the many who worked for months to make this the fun event that it is.

We thank all the sponsors, who have helped make this such a fun day.  We don't have corporate sponsors and this sport is all out of pocket for these men and their families.  They have made innovative designs that the major automobile makers have incorporated into our family cars.  And it seems most with out pay or recognition,  I have never heard a word of upset from it.  To all these racers of the Dry Lakes Racing we salute you!  ejroth

(While we try and make this accurate we are sure we have made errors and if you would be kind enough to email me I would be happy to try and correct them. will reach me.  You are welcome to borrow the photos and use them for your own personal use. )