GAS UP Party Photos - Sept 30, 2000 - Mendenhall's Museum

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First photo I took as I entered the door with the camera.  We had new product for the ladies this year.  Earrings with a new logo and we called them GAS UP Jewelry created by Jerry Stinn from Pismo Beach.  Thanks Jerry.  You made people happy and helped the club.  

I will add  photos and many with no caption as I didn't know a lot of names.  But, with those happy smiles and fun everyone was having thought I'd just let you enjoy these snap shots of people having fun.  If I've slighted someone I'm sorry.  I tried to stay in one place and take photos as people came and went.  Sun played a part in what could be taken with my digital camera that day as well.  Thanks to everyone for coming and thanks for being such good sports with the camera. 

Matt and Jerry by the prize engine

Johnson again was generous with the center pieces of dried flowers.  Thanks

Busy Guys