Our Racing Friend Gary St Amour in AZ    070928  BIO of GS

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These are 2 1/2 hr races and we do driver changes and refuel.

These are team cars, I just fly in and drive em.

6 hr race this coming weekend at VIR but I am passing
on it as this is the last race of the season and I want to
get ready for next season. Building a new car in the shop now.

European Auto Tech
1125 Haining st.
Prescott, AZ 86305

(owner - Gary St Amour)

0. New car, BMW M3
2. BMW M3 at Virginia '05, " cool race driver" 
3. BMW M3 at Virginia '05, "leading the pack"
4. BMW M3 at Phoenix '05, "green flag"
5. Corvette at Homestead '04, "side by side at 140+"


 BMW M3 at Utah, '06, "my office"

Ev, the pic of the blue BMW is from the race at Daytona in Jan '07.

black GTO is from the race at Barber in Aug '07.

Blue Car in Garage. 

We thank Gary for sharing his fun times with us - Evey