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SOCIETY OF LANDSPEED RACING HISTORIANS Newsletter #8.  Websites posting the newsletter are:
President's Corner: By Jim Miller
  Well I'm off to Bonneville tomorrow morning at the unGodly hour of 3 AM to soak in more land speed history
  so I'll keep it short.  If you didn't go to the Gas Up you really missed something.  Seeing your friends inducted
  into the Dry Lakes Hall of Fame makes you want to cry.  To me the most touching part was seeing and hearing
  Julian Doty talk about the Baldwin and Sommerfeld shop in Hollywood as a tribute to his newly inducted friends
  from over 60 years ago.  Mrs. Sommerfeld was even there and what a nice lady she is.  For those who don't
  know, the boys and their car were two-time S.C.T.A. Champions.  I thought it would only be fitting to show a
  picture of their lakester taken on the great white dyno in 1953.  A Model B block fitted with a Riley four-port
  head propelled the car to 150.00 mph.  The mystery photo from last week is the Duesenberg "Double Duesey"
  under construction in 1919.  On April 27, 1920 at Daytona the car set a record but didn't when it ran 155.343
  in the kilo and 156.047 in the mile (no FIA recognition).  Tommy Milton drove the twin-engined car.  It was
  tested before the record on the beach by his former riding mechanic Jimmy Murphy and it's claimed he drove it
  faster than Milton who was in Cuba at the time enjoying himself.  Chew on this for a minute.  The combined
  horsepower for both straight-8 engines was 184 at 3,800 rpm.  The speed is really incredible when you think
  of the junk gas and tires they had then.  In the future I'll share some Frank Lockhart "Stutz Blackhawk" pictures
  taken at Daytona with you.   (Photo enclosed)
Editor's notes: The Newsletter is being sent out a day early due to technical problems.  Due to the volume of
  email, a second edition for this week will go out on Friday.
1) Dear Friends and Family: My brother David and I want to thank you for your emails, letters and phone calls re-
  garding our father's passing.  We visited him on September 23 and he was ready to come home, but an infection
  developed.  David and Marilyn saw him on Thursday, September 27 and he was in critical condition. On Friday,
  September 28, around 7 pm, he passed away in the presence of about 18 of his family and friends.  It happened
  so suddenly that we were unable to send out word except by the www.NHRA.com website.  My Dad, brother
  and I were nearly finished with his book on the origins of the SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) and
  after that he was going to finish his memoirs.  Our loss is also a great loss for all those who knew and loved him
  and looked up to him for guidance and wisdom.  Plans to honor him are being formed by the NHRA, family and
  friends.  We look forward to knowing more about him through your memories of him. My brother and I hope to
  complete his life story, though we know it will never match the story that he wanted to leave to us all.  Since his
  lifelong goal in life was to perpetuate safety in racing and to get young people to use safe racetracks and stop
  street racing, that is the way to honor his memory.  In lieu of flowers, if you wish, you can send a donation to the
  Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum and support the museum, whose goals are to foster the ideals for
  which he dedicated his life. Thank you again for your love and support at this time. Our thanks to you all for your
  kind words and concern.  Richard and David Parks and our families 
3) You can use my website: www.landspeedproductions.biz  to store the photos, newsletters and stories for
  the group. I have plenty of space on a highly secure server. How do we start. Speedy Regards, LandSpeed
  Louise Ann Noeth            Landspeed: All you need to do is copy the newsletter and photos and put them in a
  section of your website.  There are no forms or requirements.  I will post www.landspeedproductions.biz as a
  newsletter website.  Evelyn Roth has been posting various car racers Newsletters and the SLSRH Newsletters
  from the beginning on her site, www.oilstick.com.  There are two other websites and they are welcome to post
  the newsletters and photos as well.  The only thing I need to know is when they appear so I can post the websites
  to let people know where to look.  Thank you for your kindness in doing this for us.
4) The Speed Record Club is UK based and was first formed in April 1991 by a core of enthusiasts to pro-
  vide a forum for all with a common interest. Whatever type of speed record appeals to you and whatever
  level you are interested in, the SRC is the only Club that is not associated with any one project or organi-
  sation. The Club’s 44 page quarterly magazine, Fast FACTS, will keep you up to date with all reported
  projects. It publishes in depth historical perspectives and technical features and exclusive reports.  There
  are readers offers, modelling news and free advertising to members which includes everything from books
  to aircraft engines, models and even full size jet cars. Our web site www.speedrecordclub.com is currently
  being up-graded and you can contact us via this or on membership@speedrecordclub.com for more details. 
  Whatever you are doing to the Newsletter now is fine with me, no more worries about margins and open-
  ing, thanks. The content just gets better and better!  Mike Stanton (Chairman SRC)     Mike: If you would
  like to post the SLSRH Newsletter on your site, then just let me know and I will post a notation at the beginning
  of the newsletter to let people know about your organization so that they can inquire about membership.  Our
  group is not membership driven as there are no dues or responsibilities.  We are writers, editors, photographers,
  historians, biographers, publishers, etc, in the area of landspeed racing history.
Editor's notes: Tributes received for the recent passing of Wally Parks, past president and secretary of the SCTA.
28 Sep 2007 
  It is with a heavy heart that I offer my condolences to you and your family. Wally was one great man. We will all
  miss him dearly.  John Morehead
     I am sad to say that I lost a great friend today. Wally Parks passed away at approximately 7:00 PM. I am
     happy to say that I am a better person for having the opportunity to have known Mr. Parks. He was truly
     a great man and a humanitarian. He would say to me to just call him Wally, for that is how he is best
     known to all his many friends in the world of Drag Racing and all forms of auto racing. At 94 years old,
     Wally had the sharpest mind of anyone I have known. He is the father of drag racing and we all know,
     that without Wally Parks, the NHRA would not be in existence today. He is the NHRA. He had a vision in
     the early 50's and nobody knew that it would develop into what it has become today. Wally Parks will be
     remembered for ever and he was truly an icon in the world of auto racing. My thoughts go out to his
     family. May he rest in peace.  Big John Morehead  CAL-RODS  BigJohn@calrods.com, www.calrods.com
28 Sept 2007 ........................Sorry to hear about your Dad.  Jack Dolan
28 Sep 2007 .........................Wally died tonight God bless.  Linda Vaughn
29 Sep 2007 We just wanted to tell you how saddened we are to learn of your Father's death.  We feel as though
  we lost a member of our family.  He has always been an inspiration for us and we will miss seeing him at the NHRA
  Twilight Cruises.  Our prayers are for you and your family.  Your friends, Bud & Lynne Rasmus
29 Sep 2007 Richard and Epi, Just a note at this time to say we are so sorry for your loss.  Your Dad was an icon
  who touched so many.  We were blessed to have known him.  Please let us know what we can do to help.  You
  are in our prayers.  Love, Norman and Anita
29 Sep 2007 Both Dick and I would like to give you and David our sincere condolences.  We were especially fond
  of your DAD and will also miss him.  We want both you and David to know if there is anything we can do we are
  here for you.  We love you, Dick and Fay McClung
29 Sep 2007 Hi Richard, Just heard about your dad's passing. Sorry to hear the news. Kat and I send you and your
  family our most heartfelt condolences. Best Regards, Bill Moore
29 Sep 2007 I grieve with you on the loss of your father as do all of the hot rod community.  Vic Enyart
29 Sep 2007 I saw in the news today that your Dad had passed away.. he will be missed by the racing world..please
  know that he is in the thoughts and prayers of the Andersen family.  Robby and Sherry Andersen
29 Sep 2007  So sorry to hear about your dad. He was a special person with the love and dedication to the sport
  we all love. He made it happen and made it last. There are never enough words to express his loss. The many times
  I talked to him over the years are memories I will always cherish. His name will always be a part of history and never
  forgotten. Carol and I send our prayers to you and the family. GOD SPEED WALLY PARKS Glen & Carol Barrett
29 Sep 2007  What an unexpected awakening this morning when I read about your Father's death in the paper. I
  know his health hasn't been good for some time but it's still a shock.  He will be missed by the millions of people that
  he has crossed paths with. Please know that our thoughts are with you and your family.  Drive 'em safe!  Curt Rigney
29 Sep 2007  It is with great sadness that I write to you with our condolences on the loss of your father.  Jim and I
  have always respected his amazing job of building the sport of Drag Racing. We know, along with everyone ever
  associated with Drag Racing, that it would not be except for Wally.  We saw him many times at the races and were
  proud that he could see the fruits of his labor as the sport grew. We are also proud to be part of this wonderful sport
  still.  We attended breakfast at the SEMA show in 2004 and so enjoyed his participation along with John Force and
  Don Prudhomme in a witty fun telling of memories. It was so obvious that he loved everything about Drag Racing.
  Your friends, Jim and Betty Green, The Green Elephant AA/FC, The Assassin AA/FD
29 Sep 2007   Dear Richard, I was so sorry to hear of your fathers passing. He has made contributions and has
  given so much to the Hot Rod sport in so many ways that will never be duplicated. My deepest condolences to you
  and the rest of you family, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.  Sincerely, Gary Vail
29 Sep 2007 My most sincere condolences...please let me know if I can personally be of any help to you with any
  of what comes now. He was a hero to all of us. I know that you've been proud of him all your life. Take care!   
    Wally Parks, the true statesman of motorsports, has passed away.  He will be deservedly noted
    as a great leader.  He was also one of the most gentle of gentlemen.  He was a man who got
    things done by consensus, by example, by personal leadership, and with honest respect for
    every person that he ever met. His legacy is one that will continue as long as motorsports
    continues.  He was a tall man who stood even taller in everything that he did. I have never
    been more proud to call anyone “friend” and to have them call me that in return. The tempt-
    ation here is to say something about “...Not seeing his like again.”  The thought has never
    been better applied to any man.  Doug Stokes
29 Sep 2007  I have so respected your efforts to bring the sport to us. It’s tough to lose a father and a legend. I’ve
  been there. Thanks again for your unflagging efforts for us. I sent the following to NHRA: I happened to be at the
  Museum a few years ago when the Suddenly car was being pushed out for its trip to the Chrysler Museum. Wally
  was there, and I helped push the car out. Afterwards, I bought a Wally Parks Shirt at the cashier, and asked him
  to sign the shirt. “Are you sure you want me to wreck a perfectly good $35 shirt?” Oh yes, I said, this is the closest
  I’ll ever get to getting a Wally.  Dick Wagner
29 Sep 2007   I am so, so sorry to learn of the passing of your father and other family members. Perhaps they will
  be together in the next life. Your father gave us all a better life. He will be missed. Let me know if I can help smooth
  out anything for you or your family during this time. Stan Goldstein
29 Sep 2007    Please know that our thoughts are with you & your family.      Bobbie Colgrove & Dusty Brandel
29 Sep 2007   Sorry to get the news this afternoon that Wally had "Crossed The Finish Line."  It came as a big
  surprise. Please accept our condolences for your loss...and all of Drag Racing. Bob Falcon
29 Sep 2007  I'm getting many phone calls, as you can imagine. Among the requests: Mailing addresses for you
  and David (people who want to send cards and notes). If you want to provide the addresses, I'll give them out
  discreetly.  On the other hand, I do respect your privacy and will understand if you'd prefer not to make the
  addresses readily available to anyone.  Dick Wells
29 Sep 2007  Stan here! Sorry to hear about your dad! A true pioneer! Call any time if you feel like it Richard! Stan
29 Sep 2007 Richard, to let you know – the whole GasUp group stood in silence for your father.  Some extremely
  kind words were said.  You would have been proud.  Again, sorry for your losses.  Evelyn Roth
29 Sep 2007 I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your dad.  Wally  was a great friend and someone who has left an
  indelible mark in the world of motorsports.  He accomplished so much and stood tall among its giants.  I have
  many fond memories of our friendship. True leaders are never forgotten.  Johnny  McDonald
29 Sep 2007     Our deepest condolences to you and your family ... what a tragic week.  Please know that you
  have many friends who are thinking of you and are here if you need us.   Please let us know what we can do of 
  the services.  Jack & Mary Ann Lawford
29 Sep 2007 Just heard about the loss of your father today and wanted to express my condolances to you and
  your brother.  May God be with you in this trying time.  Jim Miller
30 Sep 2007  Dearest friend we are very sorry to hear of your loss.  When you can please let us know how we
  may be of service at this very sad time. Beat regards, Ron and Mable Henderson
30 Sep 2007  I was looking forward to visiting with you at the Gas Up when I learned of Wally's passing.  I know
  you are saddened, as we all are, that Wally is gone. Wally Parks will never be forgotten. It was an honor to know
  your dad.  Dick Martin
30 Sep 2007  My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. I had the occasion to meet and talk with
  your father a couple of times. As a fellow old coot, I shared with him my remembrances of buying a $2.00 mem-
  bership in the NHRA. All the best.  Gil Bouffard
30 Sep 2007  We are all so sorry to hear of Wally's passing. I can't believe that I never put it all together that you
  were his son. However you are very much like him, in that he was so smart and able to do things that seemed im-
  possible at the time, and you seem to have an excellent grip on what is wrong with our great country.  I will be
  happy to help in any way that I can. We certainly do need a new approach to this national problem. Our sincere
  condolences to your family in this time of grief.  Sincerely, Don & Pat Garlits
30 Sep 2007   So sorry.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Joyse Ann/Bud Evans
30 Sep 2007  I am very sorry to hear about your dad.  My dad was an original NHRA member in Massachusetts
  back in the day.  Hope things get better and as they say your dad had a great life.  I hope u got the book done u
  two were working on.  Your friend James Drew
30 Sep 2007   Your father is the greatest person I've ever met.  I was very fortunate to meet him. Albert Wong
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