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Vicki Corona (nee James)" <> wrote:
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:06:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Vicki Corona (nee James)" <>
Subject: oilstick home page


Just prior to losing our dear friend, Rosie Rousell, on Aug. 3, we had buried my beloved Grandmother,
 Dorothy Wickham, who with my Grandpa, Warren, owned the Sunset Auto Supply Special,
one of the cars Rosie drove quite a bit.
My Grandma was an incredible woman, from hot-lapping a car in the 40's, to pitching her shoe
across a coffee-shop after a race at someone - hitting her mark, mind you!  My Grandma was beautiful...   
 she was loving, generous, funny, gracious, and as a friend recently pointed out - elegant. 
She stood by my Grandpa through all the years starting Sunset Auto Supply in Long Beach, CA,
 and all the years of racing, then supported my Grandpa's desire to take my brother racing
micro-midgets when we were kids, in a new generation of a Sunset Special!  Together my
 Grandparents also helped create a new generation of Sunset Auto Supply in northern CA,
 with my aunt and the racer she married in the 70's from NARC!
Grandma was 91 years old, lived to see grown great-grandchildren and many great-great
grandbabies, and now is comfortably resting in Glory, sharing racing stories, and tossing
 golden slippers at Bill Merrill still, I'm sure! (yes, the timing/scoring Merrills,
time close family friends and Curly was my Dad, Walt's, CRA timer throughout my entire childhood.)
I just wanted to share...    thanks for your time!
Vicki Corona
Vicki James, Promotions
Motorsports Division 
Speedlox Locking Fittings
Ph: 661/269-2589 Cell: 661/433-9468