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Be sure and see the new Events page for Sept and October 2005
*Happy September Birthdays to: Bob McLeish, Cindy Gibbs, John Banks, Cindy Brown, Bob
  Sights Jr, Fay McClung, Joan Denver, Meyer, Gene Barbee, Rod Larmer, Mike Uribe, Doug
  McLeish, Gary Darcy, Roland Harper, Howard Gardner, Kim Kelley, Otto Ryssman, Joanie
  Warner, Beverly Engelauf, Linda Spinner, Manuel Maldonado, Diane Moran, Mike Meierle,
  Gene Ellis, Dick Martin, Pam Engelauf, David Salguero, Bob Nichols, Ernie Jameson, Michael
  Feinstein, Cathy Butler, Tom Prock, Shav Glick, Albert Wong, George Callaway, Dorothy
  Thorley, Stan Betz, Keeter Ray, Cliff Thyberg, Jim Bartosh, Louie Senter, Ed Justice Jr, Melody
  Sharp, Jim Close, Ed Justice Sr, Mike Bishop, Donna Kimmel, Jack Helgren, Paul Ross, Ken
  Balch, Bill Burke, Wilhelmina Hedrich, Norman Weekly, Larry Stanclift, Connie Swingle, Dan
  Weir, Janice Berkenhegger, John Lavarias, Jon Meyer, Doug Thorley, Ron Fellows, John Drake,
  Kim Harding, Dusty Brandel, Evelyn Roth, Dave Martin, Charlie Reno, Michele Kurtz, Gordie
  Bonin.  All the best to those above.  The editor. (and we all are 29 again -sure...)
*We have just received information about the Discovery Channel–Canada airing of a show
  called “Megabuilders – The World’s Fastest Wheels” featuring our project later this month. To
  find out about when it will air, visit our site.  We are currently once again trying to attract a spon-
  sor to fund our appearance at Edwards AFB’s Open House this fall.  Please see the notice at
  http://www.landspeed.com/Edwards.asp   Discover Channel U.S.A. will be down there doing
  a video shoot about us there.  We are requesting donations from you and a few have responded.
  We thank them for their generous support. We still need a lot more donations.  (Jon M. Higley)
  Editor's Notes: Jon represents the North American Eagle Land Speed Project, to put a car
  into production that will break the landspeed record currently held by the British at 763mph set
  at Black Rock Desert, Nevada, in 1997.
*...I am entered in the AMA/FIM Bonneville M/C meet next week I leave tomorrow.  Years
  ago I built a twin engined Whizzer and ran it at B-ville. The Whizzer club of America talked
  me into running it again. Going for 2 classes with the hope to get an AMA National record
  for the age old Whizzer motorbike.  It's been a year in the preparation and has a great
  story behind it.   (Roger Brophy)
*Greeting from El Mirage.  Monte Warnock  & I were out helping Chuck Kalbach selecting
  the race courses Friday.  It looks  & FEELS about the same as it did for May, June & July.
  People with EARLY starting positions should have an advantage, personally I feel that it
  will break down early.   The "GRUMPY" Mayor (George Callaway)
*Could you please do me a big favor and remind people that do not know about Cruisin' For A
  Cure, that as of today, Labor Day, we have 2,246 PRE-registered cars, there is still time to get
  their registrations in by going to www.cruisinforacure.com and getting a registration and mailing it
  in.  ANY MAN OVER 40 years old can come out to the Orange County Fairgrounds, on Sept
  24th, from 7 am to 5:30 p.m., and get a FREE prostate cancer screening.  They can have the full
  exam or just the blood test, but take advantage of it.  They can call me for questions.  714-803-
  9216, or go to the website.  Thanks.  Debie Baker
*The following interview comes from Bill Groak.  When it comes to the history of hot rods
  and drag racing, no one knows it better than Greg Sharp. That's why he's the curator of The
  Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, Calif, and the director of the NHRA
  California Hot Rod Reunion, Sept. 30-Oct. 2, Bakersfield, Calif.  Now in its 14th year, the
  Reunion brings to life drag racing's colorful past, offering new life and recognition for it Honorees,
  as well give newcomers a real blast from the past. In this interview, Sharp offers a historical per-
  spective on the Reunion, its participants and its role in honoring the past.
  Bill Groak: What is the historical significance of the California Hot Rod Reunion?
  Greg Sharp: The significance is twofold.  For those who were participants as racers, whether
  car owner, driver, official, photographer, or fans, etc., it gives them a chance to renew acquain-
  tances with old friends and formal rivals and bench race to their hearts' content.  It's amazing to
  see guys who were formerly pretty bitter and intense rivals now patting each other on the back
  and laughing and joking. "Time wounds all heels" as they say.  For younger people that didn't
  experience it the first time around, it gives them the opportunity to meet the heroes of the past
  and the people they've only read about in a yellowed copy of Hot Rod or Drag News.  I think
  many of the old racers are shocked to find out how much significance their accomplishments still
  carry in peoples lives. The newer fans and 'geezers' alike are able to see cars that they thought
  no longer existed.  You can almost see the memories come flooding back.
  Groak: How do you decide who to honor?
  Sharp: There is a committee of five people that have a strong sense of history in hot rodding and
  drag racing. They are: Steve Gibbs, former NHRA vice president of competition, and former
  NHRA Museum director, who has more than 35 years experience in drag racing.  George Phillips,
  former editor of National Dragster and a 20-plus-year employee of NHRA.  John Jodauga, out-
  standing artist and associate editor of National Dragster.   Carl Olson, former NHRA vice
  president, former Top Fuel driver, Bonneville 200 MPH Club member and a  guy with a solid
  business background in the sport, and me.  Every year we each take suggestions from fans,
  friends, etc, and submit a preliminary list.  A ballot then narrows that list down to 10 and the
  final ballot asks the committee to then assign a number to the one they feel most deserving and
  on down until we get five Honorees. Those that come very close are repeated on the next year's
  ballot. This year for the first time we had a tie, so there are six Honorees which shows how close
  the balloting has become.
  Groak: How has the Reunion impacted the street rod community?
  Sharp: There are a huge number of street rodders who had former ties to drag racing and now
  express their automotive passion with a street driven hot rod. So it's only natural that they want
  to drive their hot rod and be part of the event.  For the younger guys, the so-called 'rat rodders,'
  it's a perfect tie in. They revere life as it was in the '50s and '60s and this gives them the opport-
  unity to meet the people that actually experienced hot rodding in those days.
  Groak: Why has the Reunion grown so much?  Why do people attend?
  Sharp: When the Reunion started back in 1992, it was scheduled as a one-time event.  By noon
  on Saturday it was apparent that it was a big hit that would have to be repeated. Many felt that,
  like a high school class reunion, it would only work on a periodic basis, i.e., every three or five
  years because now you've seen your old friends and that's it.  But unlike the class reunion, there
  are new people and vehicles appearing every year along with old favorites that you only get to
  see once a year so people can't wait to get back.  You can't believe how important this is in
  people's lives. They're chomping at the bit to get their credentials six months early while we're
  still working on the Bowling Green event (National Hot Rod Reunion).  And, word of mouth is
  extremely strong with "Man you should have been there!" a common conversation point.
  Groak: Explain how the Reunion has given "new life" to honorees.
  Sharp: It's amazing to me how so many people that were a major part of this sport and spent a
  good part of their life in this type of activity, think they've been forgotten as soon as they walked
  away.  Honoring these people gives them the opportunity to realize how much of an impact they
  made on so many people.  I'm talking about some pretty major figures.  It's my favorite part of
  the Reunions.  It's so easy to say nice things about someone after they're gone, but they don't get
  to hear it. At the Reunion they do get to hear it and it's amazing how positively they respond.
  We've seen some pretty tough, old racers get emotional when they are reminded of their early
*SCTA Gear Grinders Club news: Latest update on John Rush is that he is an induced coma
  with a broken neck, arms and legs, swelling on his brain. He can wiggle his fingers and toes, but
  he is being kept in an induced coma to assist his healing.  2006 Awards Banquet will be 3/11/06,
  at Joe's Garage.   Dan Chilson asked all racers to remember that after a spin, the vehicle and
  tires must be taken back through Tech Inspection before returning to the race course - very im-
  portant for Bonneville racers. He also mentioned that there should be a new motorcycle tire rated
  over 250mph available soon from the Mickey Thompson molds.  Congratulations to Susan
  Robertson for being the first lady rider to exceed 200 mph in the club and on a motorcycle.
  205.435mph at El Mirage on July 17th -on a 217.805 record that was set in November 2000 by
  Rick Yacoucci.  Gear Grinders club is in the #1 position in the SCTA points standings.  Alan
  Rice went to Bonneville to meet the Lucky Strike BAR Honda team who will be doing some
  passes there as a part of an English Documentary. The car was very fast, and able to make quick
  turnarounds, so could do 8 passes in 12 minutes. He reported that the salt is hard and dry, but
  that the course is very lumpy. They experienced cooler than usual in the morning temps and rain
  storms in the afternoons. The SCTA is looking for a 1978 or newer Doublewide trailer to place
  on their lot at Lake El Mirage.  Mike Meierle and his wife will be moving out of state.  Jack
  Underwood brought up some suggested designs for the Jim Lindsley trophy, including a classic
  bronze Union 76 trophy which could be incorporated into the completed design. It was agreed to
  finish the trophy over the winter so it will be ready for the 2006 Racing Season.  Burke Le Sage
  will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on August 22nd at the Petersen Automotive Museum.
  Bob Stahl was quoted in an article in the August 2005 issue of Smithsonian magazine, in an article
  entitled "In the Fast Lane."   El Mirage: Sept 11, Oct 23, Nov 12-13.  Bonneville World
  Finals: October 12-15.  (Becca Livingston)
*Don Weaver has scheduled his Legends of Ascot Reunion for October 22, 2005, at Perris
  Auto Speedway, Lake Perris, California. This year's honorees will be Bob Hogle, Ted Halibrand,
  Alex Morales, Hal Minyard and Danny McKnight.  This event honors the legendary Ascot Track
  that J.C. Agajanian and his family made famous over in Gardena, California.  The last two events
  had over 600 racers in attendance.  Contact Don for tickets at LegendsofAscot@aol.com or call
*Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA) will conduct the World of Speed on the
  Bonneville Salt Flats on Sept 14-17, 2005 with inspection on the 13th.  USFRA also runs a 130
  Club event during WOS for street legal cars that meet a few minor safety requirements.  Details
  are available at www.saltflats.com.  (Gary Allen, President)
*The IAMA rule and entry forms for 2005 contest are now ready as a printable PDF at:
  http://www.aztexcorp.com/expressionengine/index.php/autoawards.  The International
  Automotive Media Awards updates are also listed on that website.  (Walter Haessner)
*Perris Auto Dragstrip, Lake Perris, CA, racing schedule for 1/8 mile dragstrip. Racing will take
  place every Friday night and is open to anyone 16-years old or over with a valid registration,
  drivers license and a helmet. Cars, trucks and motorcycles are allowed.  Gates will open at 4 PM
  every Friday with racing from 5-10:30 PM.  Tech will close at 9 PM, and you cannot run if you
  do not go through tech inspections.  Admission: spectators $10, competitors $20. (Kim Donner)
  Sept 9, Sept 16, Sept 23, Sept 30, Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 11, Nov 18.
*The Annual Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Hall of Fame put on by the Gold Coast Roadster
  and Racing Club in Santa Barbara County, will be held the last Saturday in September at Jack
  Mendenhall's Gas Pump Museum in Buellton, California.  For reservations and further info see
  http://www.oilstick.com/event/gasupcost.htm  This event honors the Dry Lake and Bonneville
  land speed racers who have dedicated their lives to go as fast as their ingenuity and mechanical
  skills would take them.  It is also an opportunity to see the fabulous Gas Pump Museum.  Mark
  and Vickie Mendenhall and their family and friends will serve the best Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip
  Steak and Beans Bar-B-Cue that you will ever eat.  (From Evelyn Roth)                
*SCTA/BNI World Finals October 12-15 (Vehicle Inspections begin on Oct 11)
*SCTA El Mirage Dry Lakes (Southern California) Timing Trials schedule:  Sept 11,
  October 23, November 12-13.
*NHRA Street Legal sanctioned drag racing every Thursday night at Irwindale Speedway,
  January to November.  See www.Irwindalespeedway.com for Summit schedule and Junior
  Dragster program.  (Doug Stokes)
*2005 Perris Auto Speedway, Perris, CA schedule of upcoming races.  For more information
  on the 2005 Perris Auto Speedway schedule, please call (951) 940-0134.  (Scott Daloisio)
  Sept 10, PASSCAR Super Stocks, Street Stocks, Extreme Trucks & SUV, Hornets, Cruisers
  Sept 17, USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
  Sept 24, PASSCAR Super Stocks, Street Stocks, Hornets, IMCA Modifieds/Lightning Sprints
  Oct 1, USAC/CRA Sprint Cars
*2005 California Dragway schedule at the dragstrip, California Speedway, Fontana, CA. 
  Contact Dave Danish at 909-429-5060 or go online at www.Californiaspeedway.com.  All
  dates and times are subject to change:
  Sept 15-18, 7am, NHRA Lucas Oil Series (9am on the 15th)
  Sept 24, Noon, Street legals
  Oct 1-2, 8am, Fun Ford Weekend
*Irwindale Speedway programs, see www.Irwindalespeedway.com for schedules and updates.
  2005 Irwindale oval track racing schedule:  Gates open 4:30, races start at 6pm.
  September 10  Super Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks,
            Pick Your Part Figure 8s.
  September 17  Late Models, Mini Stocks, West Coast Pro Trucks, Dodge Super Trucks,
            Legend Cars.
  September 24  Super Late Models, Grand American Modifieds, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks,
            Pure Stocks-Women, Pick Your Part Figure 8s.
  October 1  Super Late Models, Late Models, Speed Trucks Challenge.
*Irwindale Speedway offers Thursday night drag racing.  Pros and street legal racing welcome. 
  1/8 mile track.  Entrance fee $20. Spectators are $10.   See Dragstrip track manager Bob Klein
  626-358-1100 x 211.  (Doug Stokes)
*2005 ASA Speed Truck Challenge racing/television schedule (Pacific Standard Time):
  Sept 17 race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to air Nov 12, 8PM, Repeat Broadcast TBA
  Oct 1 race at Irwindale Speedway to air Nov 19, 8PM, Repeat Broadcast TBA
  2005 Season Review to air Dec 10 and 17 at 8PM      
*2005 Southern California Top Comp Schedule:   (From Gregg Suyenaga)
  Race 7 October 15 Las Vegas Mike's Transmission
  Race 8 October 16 Las Vegas Mike's Transmission
*2005 Goodguys Schedule of Events.  See www.goodguys.com or call 925-838-9876:
  Sept 9-11, 8th Annual Colorado Springs Nationals, Colorado Springs, CO
  Sept 16-18, 14th Annual East Coast Nationals, Rhinebeck, NY
  Sept 23-25, 4th Annual Mid-Western Nationals, Kansas City, KS
  Sept 30-Oct 1-2, 13th Annual Lone Star Nationals, Ft Worth, TX
*Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum Reunions.  Call 909-622-8562
  Sept 30-Oct 2, Automobile Club of Southern California, California Hot Rod Reunion,
     Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, CA
*2005 NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series schedule.
  Sept 15-18, 21st Annual NHRA Nationals, Reading, PA
  Sept 22-25, 20th Annual O'Reilly Fall Nationals, Dallas, TX
  Sept 29-Oct 2, 5th Annual Carquest Auto Parts Nationals, Chicago, ILL
*2005 King of Indiana Sprint Series Schedule: For info call Mike OLeary 812-825-9614 
  or moleary@bluemarble.net   KISS is at www.kissracing.com and www.Elliottbrand.com.
*SEMA Club Newsletter is at www.semasan.com
  Unable to access SEMA Newsletter
*Mid-Atlantic Championship Series (MACS) 2005 racing schedule:                                                   
  Sept 17, Virginia Motor Speedway, 50 laps                                           
  Sept 23, Lernerville Speedway, 50 laps                                            
  Oct 7-9 Challenger Raceway,  TBA
  Raindate Oct 21-23 See macs1@verizon.net and  http://www.macsracing.com  (Andy Geesey) 
*2005 Crown Royal IROC Series schedule:
  Sept 9, Richmond International Raceway
  Oct 29, Atlanta Motor Speedway
*2005 Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series schedule (Linda K. Mansfield)
  Sept 8-10, Phoenix International Raceway
  Sept 22-24, Watkins Glen International, 250 miles
*2005 Nextel Cup Series schedule (NASCAR):      
  Sept 10,  Richmond International Raceway
  Sept 18, New Hampshire International Speedway
  Sept 25, Dover International Speedway
  Oct 2, Talladega Superspeedway
*Star Mazda Unofficial Point Standings: Raphael Matos-387; Robbie Pecorari-362; James
  Hinchcliffe-356; Graham Rahal-293; Marco Andretti-261; Pablo Donoso-238; Ross Smith and
  Adrian Carrio-232; Ryan Justice-221; Micky Gilbert-220; Mark Wilkins-208; Jon Branam-203.
*Official cancellation has been posted.  www.saltflats.com.  We will have pictures later today when
  the guys get back from Wendover.  Gary/Ellen Wilkinson, Utah Salt Flats Racing Association
  World of Speed, Sept 14-17, 2005 (Wed-Sat).  Guess we won't See you on the Salt this year!
*The John Force Cruise Night is held on the last Wednesday of each month from 5-8 P.M. at
  the shop in Yorba Linda, CA 92887.  Contact Craig Hoelzel for details about vendor space, how
  to show your car, or for directions.  Craig is at craig@johnforceracing.com  While you are there,
  check out the Force Racestation gift shop next door.  It is a fascinating store filled with all sorts
  of collectibles, including broken parts from John's Funny Cars, autographed by the 13 time NHRA
  Funny Car Champion himself.  You'll find artwork, paintings, photographs, hats, jackets, apparel,
  pins, die cast cars, souvenirs and just about anything that you could want.  If Force is in town and
  not on the race car circuit, he will be glad to sign your collectible.  See hundreds of hot rods and
  vintage cars, rock to the music of the '50's, purchase some delicious food, and meet your fellow
  hot rodders.  Celebrity racers and hot rodders are known to show up for this one of a kind hot
  rod cruise night at the legendary John Force Racestation.
*The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum's schedule of events:
  Sept 10-26, Los Angeles County Fair.  Special admission price of only $1.
  Sept 30-Oct 2, California Hot Rod Reunion, Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California 
  Oct 5, Twilight Cruise Night 4:30-8pm.  Top four cars will appear on Nov 14 parade.
  Nov 2, Twilight Cruise Night 4:30-8pm.  Top four cars will appear on Nov 14 parade. 
  Nov 11, Night of Champions, FREE admission from 6:30-10pm.
  Nov 13, Street Rod Parade, at Pomona Raceway, 9-9:30am.
  Dec 7, Twilight Cruise Night 4:30-8pm.  Annual Holiday toy drive.
*AutoZone Super Chevy Show Tour XXV (AutoStar Productions) 2005 SCHEDULE
  Sept. 30,Oct. 1-2   SBR Virginia Motorsports Park T Richmond-Petersburg, VA
  Oct. 7-8-9  SBR National Trail Raceway T Columbus, OH
  Oct. 21-23  Gainesville Raceway T Gainesville, FL
*Sept 9, Skyline Speedway, Stewart, Ohio, 740-989-0567, www.skylinespeedway.com,
   Regular Show, All Classes.      (Dustin Jarrett)
*Sept 16, Skyline Speedway, Stewart, Ohio, 740-989-0567, www.skylinespeedway.com,
   Season Championship Double Points.  All Classes.      (Dustin Jarrett)
*Sept 23, Skyline Speedway, Stewart, Ohio, 740-989-0567, www.skylinespeedway.com,          
   Late Model Special "HARVEST 50." All Classes.      (Dustin Jarrett)
*Doug Stokes informs us that The Wayans Brothers Comedy Team from TV sitcoms are
  teaming with Star Motorsports to field a NASCAR Team.  Marlon Wayans and his brothers
  Keenen, Damon and Shawn will bring their popularity and support behind the Star Motorsports
  Team.  Their main operations will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, with branch offices in Las
  Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City.
*2005 Schedule for the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway:   
  Sep 8, Thursday Night Street Wars street legal grudge drags 8 p.m.-1 a.m.
        9, NHRA Summit Sport Compact Series qualifying and kick off party 6 p.m.-midnight.
       10, Meadow Gold NHRA Jr Dragster Series points race 8am-1pm.
       10, NHRA Summit Sport Compact Series Nationals & SONY Stylefest 6pm-midnight.
       15, Thursday Night Street Wars street legal grudge drags 8pm-1 a.m.
       16, Final GlobePC.com SHOW N GO FRIDAYS 6pm-midnight.
       17, Meadow Gold NHRA Jr. Dragster Series 8am-1pm.
       17, Jerrys Nugget Drag Racing Series LV F-Body Assn drags 6-11pm.
       17, Motorcycle Madness No. 5 -- street bike grudge drags 11pm-1:30am.
       30, Test n Tune 6-10pm.
       30, BFGoodrich Midnight Mayhem 10pm-2am.
*Special Reunions and events during the year: 
  Walt and Dottie James' CRA Reunion in January
  Hila Sweet's Car Racers Reunion in April     
  Gold Coast Club's Gas-Up Party and Dry Lakes Hall of Fame in September
  Wally Parks' NHRA Motorsports Museum's California Hot Rod Reunion in October
  Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion in October
*Industry Hills Speedway Motorcycle Races at the Industry Hills Event Center, in the City of
  Industry, CA.  Wednesday Nights, AMA Sanctioned. Adults $12, Juniors $8, Children $4, and
  those 5 and under are FREE!  Tapes Up 7:30 PM. Contact: Freddie Orosco at 909-681-4911,
  Dukie Ermolenko at 714-952-8580 or E-mail: ermospeed@sbcglobal.net. For rider signup see
  Ryan Evans at 626-643-7598 or email sideways31@aol.com.
*Industry Hills Speedway Motorcycle Races 2005 SCHEDULE:
  Series Round 2, September 7, September 14.
*2005 Stacker 2 World of Outlaws Late Model Series Schedule: (Doc Lehman)                       
  9/9-10       The World 100/Eldora Speedway, Rossburg, OH
  9/16          Tri-City Speedway, Granite City, IL                      
  9/19          I-55 Speedway, Pevely, MO                            
  9/29-10/1 Stacker 2 Nationals/Knoxville Raceway, Knoxville, IA                          
  10/7-8      West Virginia Motor Speedway, Mineral Wells, WV                                 
  10/28-29  Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway, Calvert City, KY   
*The following is from  www.HotRodHotLine.com.  We have learned of a new scammer using
  an email address from  @myway.net which is a Netherlands email address.  We have blocked
  them from accessing our website but want to warn all of you that if you get an inquiry on your
  car and the buyer wants to send you more money than you are asking for the car and asks you
  to wire them the difference. There is NO REASON why this should have to happen. It is a
  SCAM. For more information please see our page on SCAMS.  This is a situation in which we
  must protect ourselves...it is useless to turn any of this information over to authorities as they just
  add it to the pile...nothing is done so we are on our own.  We work to intercept these messages
  and to block them from accessing our website but we cannot catch them all as they are constantly
  changing their service providers...So just be aware...and be careful.  (Jack Lawford)
*O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass Points Standings after Sept 3: Tim Tungate 3185,
  Whitney McQueary 3125, Mike Jewell 3025, Aaron Hatton 2885, Chris Combs  2880, Michael
  England 2830, Tyrel Todd 2780, Wayne Chinn  2570, Frankie Coomer  2275, Shannon
  Thornsberry 2200, Blake Chinn  2120, Mike Luna  2050.
*Sept 4, Wayne County Speedway, Orrville, Ohio, race results: Super Late Models B Main-
  Charlie Duncan, Clint Coffman, Jason Flory, DJ Miller, Jay Watson, Dave Wirt, Wayne Maffett 
  Jr, Mike Giess, Kristen Flory, Harold Snell,  Jeff Wright, Hans Grossniklaus, Chester Elliott,
  Randy Pollock, Ron Hoopingarner, Eric Eicholtz, Jeremy Canada, George Delaney.   A Main-
  Mark Banal, Keith Berner, Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Shane McLoughlin, Scott Peltz, Dave
  Hornikel, Eric Myers, JR Gentry, George Lee II , Brad Malcuit, Rick Bond, Clint Coffman, Chet
  Alexander, Charlie Duncan, Eric Smitley, Justin Chance, Thomas Baker, Mark Bellamy, Blaine
  Aber.   Modifieds B Main-Larry Kugel, Bruce Jennings, Randy Ridgeway, Paul Davis, Corey
  Camillo, Mike Skeens, Bob Shelhorn.   A Main-Rob Stambaugh, Mike Lonas, Matt Shroyer,
  Took Wiles, R. Bruce Miller, Rick Wohlford, Wayne Maffet Jr, David Liles, Rocky Kugel, Dean
  Ecker, Darrick Hubbard, Rory Reed, Mitchell Lam, Kyle Brown, Rob Cutlip, Jay Howe, Larry
  Kugel, Bruce Jennings, Randy Ridgeway, Paul Davis.   Pure Stocks B Main-Paul Holmes,
  Travis Mensching, Don Baney, John Swinehart, Denny Shear, John Hatfield, Bill Cramer, Randy
  King, Roger Drouhard.   A Main-Troy Anderson, Fred Snyder, Tim Myers, Rich Frame, Travis
  Mensching, John Swinehart, Paul Holmes, Robert Wile, Jim Nicely, Donna Gentry, Don Baney,
  Phil Lam, John Magyar, Dan Tuttle, Chad Craver, Jack Wile, Keith Tish, Jose Marsh, Verne
  Siegrist, Todd Swim.   Mini Stocks A Main-Henry Britton, Jeff Thiel, Neil Nisly, Dale Beckett
  Jr, Josh Robinson, Nick Smith, Ed Ray, Trevor Phillips, Cody Renard, Willard Yarnell, Mitch
  Reichard, Matt Wohlford, Charlie Ray, Alan Summers, Stan White, Reggie Stoltzfus, John Raber,
  Jim Hudson, Carlos Aponte, Pat Malone, Bryan Baker Sr.   (Ryan Pearson)
*Sept 3, 201 Speedway, Sitka, KY, O’Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series
  race results: B Main #1-Tim Dohm, DJ Wells, Michael Chilton, David Smith, Corey McKenzie,
  Donald Runyon, Tandy Spurlock, Eric Wells, Greg Lucas, Doug Smith, Chris Combs.  B Main
  #2-Anthony Adams, Chuckie May, Mike Luna, Michael England, Wayne Chinn, Blake Chinn,
  Brandon Kinzer, Steve Stollings, Terry Hicks, Daniel Williams, Tyrel Todd, Randy Boggs.
  O’Reilly Auto Parts 40 Lap A Main-Paul Harris, Rick Aukland, Aaron Hatton, Mike Jewell,
  Tim Tungate, Chris Combs, Tim Dohm, Tyrel Todd, DJ Wells, Michael Chilton, Whitney
  McQueary, Anthony Adams, Steve Stollings, Raymond Nichols, Chuckie May, Scott Hall, Mike
  Luna, Tandy Spurlock, Rod Evans, Shannon Thornsberry, Scott James, David Powers. (DJarrett)
*NURBURGRING, Germany, Sept. 4 - Horag-Lista Racing's Lista-sponsored Lola B05/40 Judd
  No. 27 earned its first LMP2 class triumph in only its third Le Mans Endurance Series (LMES)
  race ever when Didier Theys and Eric van de Poele took the checkered at the famous Nurbur-
  gring here today.  (Linda K. Mansfield)
*Sept 2, Mountain Motor Speedway Express, Isom, KY, O’Reilly NARA Battle of the
  Bluegrass DirtCar Series race results:  B Main-Eric Wells, Michael Chilton, Greg Lucas,
  Michael Luna, Danny Bates, Donald Runyon, Blake Chinn, Jason Hinkle, Tyrel Todd, Steve
  Stollings, Michael England.  O’Reilly Auto Parts 30 Lap A Main-Eddie Carrier Jr, Tim
  Tungate, David Powers, Mike Jewell, Anton Adams, Shannon Thornsberry, Rick Aukland,
  Chris Combs, Michael Chilton, Wayne Chinn, Doug Smith, Raymond Nichols, Mike Luna,
  Whitney McQueary, DJ Wells, Tyrel Todd, Michael England, Eric Wells, Greg Lucas, Aaron
  Hatton.   (Dustin Jarrett)
*Sept 4, Tazewell Speedway, Tazewell, TN, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series race results:
  Mason Racin' Rebel Shock Dyno B Main-Ricky Arms, David Payne, Don O'Neal, Tim Dohm,
  Ruben Mayfield, Jason Trammell, Joey McCoy, Freddy Smith.  PPM Racing Products B Main-
  Tommy Kerr, Michael Smith, Steve Casebolt, Jr., David McCoy, Steve Carr, Jason McCall,
  Doug Smith, Marty Calloway.   "Citizens Bank 75" Main Event-Jimmy Owens, Vic Hill,
  Anthony White, Brett Miller, Tim Dohm, Bobby Giffin, Ricky Arms, David Payne, Michael Smith,
  Earl Pearson Jr, Scott James, Terry Wolfenbarger, Don O'Neal, Donnie Moran, Steve Casebolt
  Jr, Scott Sexton, Brian Smith, Mike Marlar, Billy Ogle Jr, Frank Merritt, Tommy Kerr, Jeff
  Neubert, Rex Richey, Freddy Smith.   (James Essex)
*Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Points Standings after Sept. 4, 2005: Don O'Neal
  5150, Earl Pearson Jr 5040, Donnie Moran 4860, Matt Miller 4755, Scott James 4205, Freddy
  Smith 3755, Tim Dohm 3645, Brady Smith 2830, Brian Birkhofer 2725, Terry English 2360.
*Sept 3, Irwindale Speedway, Irwindale, CA, race results: MONSTER TRUCKS-Mark Hall in
  Raminator over Dave Harkey in Bigfoot.  BANDOLEROS-Donny St Ours, Carter Calhoun,
  Andre Prescott, Johnathan St Ours, Brent Schneidermantle, Donald Greenberg, Jack Madrid,
  Michael Greenberg.  KING TACO LEGEND CARS-Matt Hicks, Gary Schurell, Connor
  Cantrell, Tom Landreth, J. D. Hendley, Bill Bonney, Mark Gaiser, Steve Twilligear, Lindsay
  King, Chad Schug, Jim Smith, Bob Landreth, Van Iungerich, Steve Rogers, Ryan Partridge, Nate
  Hardiman, Joseph Daniello, Larry Alsop, Robert Meneley, Michael Smith, Scott Cocke, Brian
  Wong, Jason Alsop, Lynn Sours, Carl Wuersch, Larry Stone, Bill Calhoun.   JASPER WEST
  COAST PRO TRUCKS-Jeff Williams, Neil Conrad, Jim Satterfield, Tim McMillin, Todd
  Cameron, Barry Kalperis Jr, Chris Johnson, Don Helgeson, Rick Wall, Dustin Vandermooren,
  Ron Mongenel, Bob Wright, Ivan Arias, Buddy Antunez, Dan Ciraulo, William Huff, David
  Timewell, Cecil Phelps, Ronnie Davis, Jeff Broughton.   PICK YOUR PART DEMO DERBY-
  Stan McDonald, Justin Malone, Steve Cook, Bill Alt, Milton Eisenhauer, Mike Duran, Al Rocha,
  John Zimmerman, Dan Pachella, Tyrone Klingbeil, Robert Hill, Justin Stress, Jeremy Cook, Mark
  Carter, Enrique Gomez, Gary Hilr, Bryan Hendry. (Tim Kennedy and Doug Stokes)
*Sept 3, Perris Auto Speedway, Perris, CA, points race: SUPER STOCKS-Terry Hershberger
  741, Brian Pannone 648, Ed Perry 571, John Caley 567, Ron Meyer 554.  TRUCKS & SUVS-
  Art Peterson 559, Kenny Mann 538,  Jeff Dunham 509, Mike Hixson 471, Virgil Haney 419,
  Bill Bartel 419.  STREET STOCKS-Kevin Busher 525, Richard Barr 523, Jeremy Queener 511,
  Joe Falduto 496, Joe Shuagis 452.  HORNETS-Tony Thompson 837, John Denver 617, Mark
  Howison 612, Dave Yungen 557, Bobby Hogerhuis 555.   PICK-A-PART CRUISERS-
  Talkington/Lewis  462, Allen/Ramsey  396, Martin/Hunsaker  394, Bundy/Holdridge  367,
  Fengler/Heaton  360.  (Scott Daloisio and Kim Donner)
*NASCAR pittance is real blood money, by Paul Oberjuerge, Staff Writer.  The good ol' boys
  aren't paid enough.  Not for the revenue they generate. Not for the demands they face.  Not at
  the risk of their lives.  NASCAR's drivers deserve more money. A bigger slice of a very big pie.
  And the issue is just now coming into focus.  NASCAR is a multi-billion dollar sport. The Nextel
  Cup tour slides from one side of the country to the other on roads greased by cash.  NASCAR
  sells $2 billion a year in licensed merchandise. It gets $1.5 billion per year in sponsorship money.
  It has a TV contract worth $2.4 billion over six years.  Nextel ponied up $700 million over 10
  years to hang its name on the elite circuit.  And don't forget ticket sales at cavernous venues, such
  as the 90,000-seat California Speedway, where the cheapest ticket for today's Sony HD 500
  costs $65. Yet some of the 40-some regulars on the elite Nextel Cup circuit earn significantly less
  than $1 million in annual salary.  Kasey Kahne, hot rookie in 2004, apparently began his Nextel
  Cup career with a base salary of $200,000-or $116,000 less than the minimum in Major League
  Baseball, a sport with 750 players.  "We do very, very well," veteran NASCAR driver Mark
  Martin said Saturday. "But ..."  He paused. "You can do the research and look at other profess-
  ional athletes and compare that."  Well, we did. And NASCAR's stars lag far behind many of
  their sports brethren.  Golfer Tiger Woods took in $87 million in winnings and endorsements in
  2004, according to forbes.com.  Quarterback Michael Vick made $37.5 million.  Shaquille
  O'Neal was at $33.4 million - before he got a new contract.  Soccer's David Beckham netted
  some $32.5 million. Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez makes $25.2 million per season just to
  play baseball. Anything he makes in endorsements, just add to that.  Baseball, basketball and
  hockey are lousy with guaranteed contracts. Journeyman lefties, backup forwards and aging
  defensemen can get $5 million. NASCAR guys' earnings drop precipitously if they are injured
  or slumping.  "Sometimes," Martin said, "it stings to see someone get a $75 million, five-year
  contract in some other kind of sports. It flabbergasts me."  Certainly, none of the Cup drivers
  are starving. But they aren't taking in anything remotely resembling the 50 percent-plus of gross
  revenues that some sports turn over to its athletes.  If NASCAR is a $4 billion sport (one recent
  estimate), and 50 Nextel Cup drivers earn an average of $4 million...their $200 million in income
  represents 4 percent of the sport's annual gross revenues. Which is borderline criminal.  Drivers
  earn their money in three ways: from salaries (a relatively recent phenomenon), a percentage of
  winnings and from merchandising.  A caveat: Much of this is intelligent guesswork. NASCAR is
  privately held and doesn't divulge its finances. And its teams are independent contractors free to
  cut their own deals with drivers. There is no drivers union to compile and release salaries.  Best
  anyone can tell, base Nextel Cup salaries range from $750,000 to perhaps $6 million for four-
  time Cup champion Jeff Gordon.  Drivers get only a fraction of "winnings," a fraction usually est-
  imated at 40 to 60 percent.  Thus, if NASCAR paid out $25 million in purses in 2004, drivers
  collectively received about $12.5 million; the rest went to the teams and owners.  Merchandising
  income varies wildly, as well. Established stars get a higher percentage of the gross and also sell
  more stuff. Newcomers take a smaller slice from a smaller pool.  And what does NASCAR get
  from its drivers? Their time: "We're on a schedule that's longer than any other professional series,"
  defending Cup champion Kurt Busch said. That would be 38 race weekends spread over 10
  months, with January given over to testing. Drivers are off for part of December. And some
  Mondays.  Their cooperation: "We still have to do the autograph sessions and do the sponsor
  meet-and-greets to help the sport to grow," Busch said. Other sports do little more than ask their
  athletes not to punch out fans and sponsors.  Their health: And maybe their lives. This is a full-
  contact sport. Everyone crashes, and, eventually, just about everyone crashes badly. Sometimes,
  drivers die. Including Dale Earnhardt in 2001.  Many sports are dangerous. Many can leave a guy
  with a limp. But few tend to leave them in a coffin, as motor racing can at any time.  NASCAR
  drivers seem to be taking the measure of their sport. Finally. Somebody noticed the piles of cash
  around this sport.  Busch is in the center of a much-discussed jump from the Roush team to the
  Penske team, which reportedly will pay him $8 million per season. Jamie McMurray also is mov-
  ing, for money.  More power to them.  The drivers made NASCAR the nation's No. 2 TV sport.
  They, not the ruling, owning France family, are the face of it. The drivers are; not the owners, and
  not the sponsors.  The drivers made this astonishingly rich sport with their skill and commitment
  and personalities. And sometimes with their blood and guts and their very lives.  Look for
  NASCAR driver contracts to be a bigger issue in coming years. Look for more money, and more
  guaranteed money.  These guys have earned it. Now they should be paid it.  Paul Oberjuerge's
  column appears Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He can be reached at