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Many family and friends found time to stop in and have one last visit with Ak before he died.  Pages can be written about
  Ak but I would like to simply focus on our memories from his "Roast"/Tribute not so long ago at
  the Wally Park's Motorsports Museum in Pomona.  We should all be so lucky to have such a
  wonderful gathering of friends before we pass away.  Ak will always be remembered as the
  "Ultimate Hot Rodder" and we will all miss him but find comfort in knowing he is in a much
  better place now.  There are no plans for a memorial service as this would be redundant to the
  event at the Museum. His ashes will be scattered at Bonneville, Baja, and Pike's Peak.Regards,
  Charles Rollins & Joann Brock.  Look for an upcoming story on Ak's induction into the
  ORMSHOF this last summer and a brief recap of his tribute at the NHRA Museum.  See   (Charles Rollins)
The following is courtesy of Charles Rollins.  Ak Miller was an exceptional hot rodder and a close
friend of the family.  He served my father in the early days of the SCTA, and was a fellow member
of the Road Runners Car Club.  He followed my father, who was president of the SCTA in 1946,
with 2 terms as the SCTA President.  In 1951 he helped found the NHRA, and served my father
as his vice-president.  For an article which contains biographical and obituary material, please send
me a request.   Richard Parks
I forgot to mention that Ak made a homebuilt car and competed in the Pan
American Road Races in the fifties.
His car was powered by an Olds V-8, a '27 T bucket body mounted on a '50
Ford. He called it El Caballo de Hierro, and the Mexicans called it
Ensalada because it was built of so many different parts.
He also competed in Pikes Peak, and the various dry lakes here in the
A side story on the Ensalada. The engine started burning oil during the
race and Ak didn't like having to stop to put oil in. So he got some
tubing, a funnel, punched a hole in the dash and when the oil pressure
started to drop they poured in another quart of oil. He had no sponsor
except for Hot Rod Magazine, and no trailer, so he drove the car to
Mexico, raced it the 2,000 miles, and drove it back home again.
I'm sure he is on Google in case you want to know more about him.
UB ("Tony T/SF" <>)
Legendery hot rodder Ak Miller, who was a childhood hero of mine, has passed away. In 1982, on the Colorado 500 dirt bike ride, I did a magazine interview with him over dinner. I've never laughed so hard in my life. He was a genuine, original, character. Godspeed Ak. Joe Stephan 12/22/05
Ak Miller passed away on December 15, 2005.  Former President of the SCTA, first Vice
  President of the NHRA, original member of the Road Runners car club, hot rodder and racer.
  Ak participated in off road racing, Pike's Peak run, which he won 9 times, the Pan American
  Mexican Road Race in the 1950's, drag racing, landspeed racing and rallies.  Famous for his
  smile, charm and wit, and his fabulous stories.  Contact me for a copy of the Ak Miller article. R. Parks

I used to go down to his shop (Ak Miller) and get advice and buy parts when I was in
high school.  George M. Tamayo - WD6EJO

Hello Friends: This from NHRA - Drag Racing!  
Former Top Fuel racer Steve Carbone, whose name was seared into the drag racing history books after his famous starting-line burndown with “Big Daddy” Don Garlits at the 1971 U.S. Nationals, passed away Dec. 20.
Carbone, of Tulsa, had suffered a brain aneurysm two weeks earlier. He was 62. Carbone also was the 1969 NHRA World champ in Top Fuel and a championship sprint-car engine builder. 
In the last 10 or 15 years Steve had been real active building Sprint Car engines as well as
finding new talent.  You could always count on seeing Steve and other members of the family at Open Wheel Shows from the Midgets at Chili Bowl to the World of Outlaw Shows. 
Making his name in the "sling-shot" style dragsters Carbone teamed up with the Offixco bunch more than once touring the dirt tracks of Texas, and Oklahoma.  When you're at Chili Bowl look up the many regular old timers and they'll be happy to fill you in on Steve Carbones escapes. 12/21/05

*Kenny Parks, CRA member, Jalopy racer, and previous owner of Bell Auto Helmets, has been

  diagnosed with bone cancer. He is at home under hospice care. Due to his condition, it is advised
  that you do not contact him by phone as this is hard on his family, and they need their strength to
  care for him.  Kenny's two sons have asked that you send emails to them and they will print them
  out and take them to Kenny.  You can use the following email addresses to reach him: 
                , and
  Kenny was a long time employee at Bell Auto Parts under Roy Richter, and was involved in
  racing all of his life. He painted his cars pink, so that if there was an accident, his family and crew
  would know that it was his car and not someone else.  Please include your home phone number
  if you would like to speak to Kenny. Based on his health and strength, he may be able to call you. 
  If not, you can continue to communicate with Kenny through his two sons.  
*There are some people that you just like at first sight. Topper Chasse was one of them. There
  are some people that seem to be missing a mean bone in their body. Topper was one of them.
  There are some people that can make order out of a state of confusion, Topper was one of them.
  Topper had these and many more quali-ties that we will all miss. Topper you were a good friend.  
  (Bill Pollack)
*I'm sad to inform you of the passing of one of my closest friends, Maurice Raymond Chasse',
  known to all of us as "Topper".  He started with race cars at the age of 14. His first racer was a
  Model A dragster raced at Santa Ana, Saugus, San Fernando, and the old Pomona drag strips.
  This was followed by dirt track oval racing until his mother found out! He served in the Navy just
  after WWII. After his discharge he built a 29' on 32' rails and won the L.A. Motor Sports and
  Hot Rod Show with it.  He bought his first sports car, a 1957 Porsche coupe and had been
  involved in road racing ever since. He was 5 times Porsche Owners Club president and one of the
  founding members of its racing team. Later on Topper won championships in GT1, GT2, Super
  Production and SCCA's "Driver Of The Year" award. Still later his energy had been focused on
  Vintage Racing, Head Drivers Instructor at the L.A. Region Porsche Club of America, and HSR-
  West. He was the pace car driver at many vintage events. Up until last year he ran one SCCA
  Enduro a year with Geary Smith in a Porsche 914-6 to keep his SCCA license cur-rent. He also
  had current competition licenses for POC, PCA, VARA and HSR-West. He has been an avid
  volunteer for various motor sports clubs, including our Fabulous Fifties Non-Club. I learned of the
  great Fabulous Fifties from Topper and he sponsored my non-membership.  Topper's interest
  went beyond motor sports. A successful entrepreneur, he founded MR Chasse Co, a construction
  development and environmental services firm. In trap shooting, he had awards for breaking 100
  of 100 clay pigeons. He also held a second-degree black belt in Judo.  Topper was admitted to
  Huntington Memorial Hospital August 19th with chest pains. They found his heart was fine, but he
  had Acute Leukemia. With the advanced nature of his ailment, they decided on a massive four-
  dose treatment of Chemo. After the treatments, with his immune system almost nonexistent, the
  doctor said he had sepsis running rampant through his body. Even the iron man that he was, he
  couldn't dodge this bullet. He passed away on the morning of September 8. Topper has touched
  many lives and he will be sorely missed. He is survived by his lovely wife, Barbara, of 43 years,
  and three nieces. Topper was 77 years old.  (Davey Jordan)
*The distressing news this month was the passing of Topper Chasse. Topper was truly a valuable
  asset for our organization. Whenever there was a job to do, there was Topper. He was in charge
  of our concours d’provenance display this spring at Paramount Ranch and then stood in as a
  judge.  Funeral services were held on September 14. We’ll all miss him.  (Art Evans)
  November 2005 issue.  (From Doug Stokes 818-845-0707 and Greg Lovell 818-845-0707)