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*By Adam Ashton and Tim Moran, Modesto Bee staff writers, February 9, 2006.  Oakdale, CA-
  A two-seat airplane crashed Wednesday afternoon, killing a prominent Modesto businessman
  and a flight school owner near Oakdale Airport.  Sources close to the investigation said the
  victims were former Modesto Irrigation District Chairman Chuck Billington, 65, and Modesto
  Flight Center co-owner Dave Mesenhimer, 61.  Billington, who served for 20 years on the
  MID board until this fall, owned three Modesto manufacturing companies: Billington Welding and
  Manufacturing, Modesto Steel and Modesto Welding Products.  He participated in a number of
  community groups, including the North Modesto Kiwanis Club and Modesto's Salvation Army
  Advisory Board.  He also raced cars for more than 40 years, and had plans for eight races this
  year, said Dick Hagerty, a longtime friend and business partner who raced with him.  "Whatever
  he did, he did with total enthusiasm," said Hagerty, 66.  "He was the most creative, innovative,
  energetic man you absolutely ever met.  This town never had a guy like him."   Billington bought
  the plane less than a month ago and had planned to spend more time on his hobbies now that he
  was finished with his MID tenure, Hagerty said.  "We told him, 'Chuck, you're 65.  Let's enjoy
  life.  Let's do all the fun stuff,'"  Hagerty recalled telling Billington recently to talk him out of run-
  ning for another elected office.  Don Monaco, 71, a friend who was involved in car racing with
  Billington, said he went to Hemet with Billington to look at the plane before he bought it.  "I'm
  just absolutely sick. He's just had a golden life, all good stuff happened to him. He was looking
  forward to spending time with his grandchildren," Monaco said.  (Chuck Billington was a member
  of the Gear Grinder's Club in the SCTA, from Robert Webb  gagrip@earthlink.net)
*East Bay Raceway Park, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, 30th Annual Winter Nationals,
  40 lap feature event: 1-Dale McDowell, 2-Billy Moyer, 3-Dennis Erb Jr., 4-Tim McCreadie,
  5-Donnie Moran.
*All Star Circuit of Champions, Feb 7, Volusia County Speedway.  B Main-1 Brock Mayes;
  2 Chad Blonde; 3 Fred Rahmer; 4 Paul May; 5 Jeff Busby.  A Main-1 Danny Lasoski, 2 Craig
  Dollansky, 3 Joey Saldana, 4 Lance Dewease, 5 Jason Solwold. 
*17th Annual Route 66 Rendezvous, Sept 14-17.  California’s largest cruisin’ classic car show, 
  four-days and three-nights in San Bernardino, Calif.  More than 2000 classic, custom and hot
  rod vehicles will be at the Rendezvous as well as entertainment, vendors, exhibitors, celebrities,
  See www.route-66.org   (Andrea Winter)
*Dirt Racers Radio.  Late Models and Modifieds, by Doc Lehman and Ryan Pearson, See
*Feb 8 All Star Circuit of Champions, 35th Annual WinterNationals, Volusia Speedway Park.
  B Main-1. Brock Mayes, 2. Danny Martin Jr, 3. Danny Smith, 4. Fred Rahmer, 5. Jac
  Haudenchield.   A Main-1. Donny Schatz, 2. Chad Kemenah, 3. Terry McCarl, 4. Brook
  Tatnell, 5. Craig Dollansky.
*Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Feb 9, East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, FLA.  Feature
  race-Matt Miller, Earl Pearson Jr, Dennis Erb Jr, Donnie Moran, Tim McCreadie.
*From www.hotrodhotline.com:  If you have a newsworthy article you would like to see in our
  Press Release section just email us at Staff@Hotrodhotline.com  75th Anniversary of the Deuce
  is coming in 2007. Last week we told you about the upcoming anniversary of the Deuce and how
  there are plans to gather the 75 most significant ‘32 Hot Rods at the Grand National Roadster
  show in 2007 but all we have to do is find them all!  Of the 75 there are 20 missing and after our
  notice last week we got emails with possible locations of 2 of the cars already!  We now have
  pictures of most of the other “Missing ‘32’s” so put on your detective hats and help us make
  this celebration complete.
*We have just become aware of a plan by AOL and Yahoo which will affect your email accounts
  with them. It seems they have decided to start charging businesses who SEND email to AOL and
  Yahoo mail customers. So if you have an AOL or Yahoo mail account you may not get News-
  letters (like this one) and other mail from businesses you deal with unless they agree to pay AOL
  and Yahoo or a third party “White Listing” company they designate. If this comes about then
  businesses will not be able to send out Free Newsletters any more. The most important thing you
  need to do now is to put Hotrodhotline.com email addresses in your accepted address book as
  this will help in the short run. You can be sure that other service providers will follow this if AOL
  and Yahoo are successful at it... so you also need to notify AOL and Yahoo and tell them what
  you think of this. You are already paying AOL to deliver your mail and Yahoo gets plenty for the
  ads they run on their search engines and mail pages. They are just trying to take advantage of the
  situation at the expense of their customers and the expense of small businesses.  If you want to
  keep your newsletters FREE and your other business mail coming you must make you feelingins
  known now.  (Jack Lawford at www.hotrodhotline.com)
*Corey Conley Racing Team, see www.CoreyConley.com.
*Chub Frank Racing Team, visit: www.chubfrank.com.
*Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Feb 10, East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, FL.  Feature
  (50 Laps)- Steve Francis, Don O’Neal, Jimmy Mars, Doug Horton, Dennis Erb Jr, Tim Dohm,
  Donnie Moran, Davey  Johnson, Scott James, Rick Eckert, Brady Smith, Matt Miller, Michael
  England, Garrett Durrett, Earl Pearson Jr, Jared Landers, Robbie Blair, Corey Conley, Josh
  Richards, Freddy Smith, Chub Frank, Shannon Babb, Billy Moyer, Anthony Rushing, John
  VanDenBerg, Darren Miller
*Current Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Points Standings after Feb 10: Dennis Erb Jr 425,
  Matt Miller 420, Donnie Moran 415, Doug Horton 395, Don O’Neal 390, Earl Pearson Jr 385,
  Steve Francis 365, Scott James 365, Jimmy Mars 335, Tim McCreadie 335.
*All Star Circuit of Champions, Volusia County Speedway, Feb 12, B Main-1. Danny Smith,
  2. Randy Hannagan, 3. Jeff Busby, 4. Jessica Zemken, 5. Barry Ruble, 6. Spud Gustin, 7. Alex
  Pettas, 8. Johnny Johnson, 9. Becca Anderson.  A Main-1. Terry McCarl, 2. Joey Saldana, 3.
  Danny Lasoski, 4. Craig Dollansky, 5. Daryn Pittman.
*Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, February 12, East Bay Raceway Park-Tampa, Florida.
  Feature (75 Laps):  Steve Francis, Dennis Erb Jr, Rick Eckert, Billy Moyer, Donnie Moran,
  Terry English, Justin Rattliff, Tim Dohm, Brady Smith, John Mason, Anthony Rushing, Earl
  Pearson Jr, Matt Miller, Darren Miller, Anthony White, Don O’Neal, Shannon Babb, Brian
  Birkhofer, Scott James, Randy Korte, John Blankenship, John VanDenBerg, Don Hammer, Tim
  McCreadie, Jared Landers, Jackie Boggs.
*Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Points Standings after February 11th, 2006: Dennis Erb Jr
  655, Donnie Moran 620, Steve Francis 615, Matt Miller 585, Earl Pearson Jr 555, Don O'Neal
  540, Rick Eckert 520, Tim Dohm  515, Doug Horton 515, Billy Moyer Jr 505.
*S.B. 776 to provide an exemption from property taxes for motor vehicles licensed and registered
  as antiques was passed by the South Carolina State Senate. The bill has now been referred to
  the House Ways and Means Committee for consideration.  (Jason Tolleson)
*H.B. 489 that would allow antique vehicles and street rods to display a blue, violet or purple light
  as part of the vehicle’s rear stop lamps has been passed by the Mississippi State House of
  Representatives.    (Jason Tolleson)
*USAC CRA POINT STANDINGS: Cory Kruseman, Ventura, CA 131, Damion Gardner,
  Concord, CA 130, Danny Sheridan, Santa Maria, CA 105, Mike Spencer, Temecula, CA 102,
  Jesse Hockett, Warsaw, MO  97, Rip Williams, Yorba Linda, CA  84, J Hicks, Torrance, CA 
  72, Mike Kirby, Torrance, CA  69, David Cardey, Riverside, CA  64, Blake Miller, Yorba
  Linda, CA 55.  (Scott Daloisio and Kim Donner)