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Here is a picture of Paula Murphy who is going to be honored at the California Hot Rod Reunion, in October, at Famoso Raceway, north of Bakersfield.  I thought that your readers might like to see this photo of Paula outside the car service area..  She is very special and it will be an honor to pay tribute to her for her lifetime achievements in just about every kind of motor racing imaginable.  Richard Parks


 answering service Houston

"I had this pix scanned in order to send a copy to Greg Sharp at the NHRA Museum  who wanted one.  I only had one original.  So now you get to see me when I was at Indy.  A huge experience for a woman at that time They told me I had only three laps to go and the throttle was blocked, but being me I went a couple of more laps.  What would they do - shoot me - not with my Andy Granatelli standing by.  It was one of  my big highlights that I have so been so lucky.  I have had such a privileged life."
Paula Murphy

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