Wednesday, March 03, 2004 4:24 PM
Subject: Boat Racers Reunion Bulletin Board #3.....(5)

The Boat Racers Reunion Bulletin Board is an open forum for all Boat Racers, friends, family, crew and anyone interested in Boat
Racing to share news about their sport that would not necessarily be available in the media.  Anyone can send in anything that they
would like to share.  The Bulletin Board takes no ads.  The Boat Racers Reunion honors all boat racing from the time that the first
combustion engine went into a boat, up to the present day.  The Editor is Richard Parks, secretary of the Boat Racers Reunion.                        -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Received an email that Carl & Dottie Thornhill, the originators of the fiberglass cracker boxes, now live in Maui, Hawaii and celebrated
  their 50th wedding anniversary,  " all of you old boat racers hang in there, for there is life after boat racing."  (from Carl Thornhill) 
*Bob Senior, from Seattle, Washington, has a catalog which shows all kinds of collectible pins and memorabilia and their prices for
  those who are collectors.  Let me know if you are interested in the catalog and I will send your email address on to Bob.
*Dan Durham, Jet Boat racer and 2003 Boat Racers Reunion Honoree, was injured on Sunday, Feb 29, when a motorcycle collided
  with his golf cart.  Dan is in the hospital with a compound fracture and has had one surgery, and is scheduled to have another one
  soon.  His vital signs and spirits are high.  (from Denise Durham Clay)
*Robb Brownson ( is looking for information on  Mike Dubeel.  Robb writes-
  "I saw your website on the internet one night when I was surfing. I am seeking info of a deceased boat drag race driver.  I met him in 1984 
  in California and he was thru racing by then.  I think he raced in the 70s or so. I am not sure of spelling in his name.  His name is Mike
  Dubeel. Again, not sure of spelling but it sounds just like that spelling. Mike knew everybody at a race in lake Irvine in 8.  His nickname
  was “the brush.” He lived in Riverside, CA.  If you cannot help me, can you point me in the right direction.  Funny guy and miss his
  humor.  He passed away about 15 years ago or so.  Thank you so much." (sent in by Lawren Bale)
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