A Soldier written by a Veteran of the Korean War.  Thank You!  071016
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My husband who is a veteran of the Korean War writes poetry.  Recently after seeing a segment about our soldiers on Good Morning America, he was moved to write this poem. I would like to submit the poem for possible consideration for publication in America in Uniform.   He would be honored to see in printed.  This man has a true gift and his family is very blessed to be on the receiving end of his poetry to treasure for generations.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  
Ginny White (spouse)

A Soldier
I am a protector of this flag,
So leave my flag alone.
Thousands of men have died for it,
Good men that I have known.
They gave their lives to keep us free,
To do all the things we do
A debt by all is owed to them,
They did this for me and you.
Some very young with cheeks so smooth,
They rarely had to shave.
But what they lacked in facial hair,
They made up by being brave.
They stand their ground, and they will fight,
And some of them will fall.
But when the battle is over,
They won, they gave their all.
So, when you see that flag pass by,
Stand tall, be filled with pride.
And remember all those brave young men,
For me and you they died.
Written by Denny L. White
April 2007