The Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame was held in Buellton, California, at Jack Mendenhall's Gasoline Museum on September 29, 2001.  It was well attended by many car enthusiasts.  We have just a few photos  of the many things that went on that day.  We tried to capture some highlights.  At the end of the day we realized we hadn't gotten a few photos of some friends that we wanted to say "hello" and get those smiles on digital.  (Can't say film like we could in the old days.)  The sun was with us early on - temperature reached into the 90's.  

We have made all the photos into a burned copy on a CD which we offer to anyone who wishes for $7.00 + $3.00 shipping and handling.  The pictures will be in email folders for sending to friends, also in a higher resolution for printing.  Email:

P.O. Box 278, Buellton, CA 93427

Remember these are for a scrap book and not professional photos. 

Friday Evening found the fellows at the El Reno Room at Zaca Creek Restaurant.  We all sort of rested before the big day on Saturday.  Tim was happy as he knew things were organized and ready to go.  

Don Oakes and his wife Susie were enjoying the evening. 
(All the photos will be grainy on Friday as it was very low light - but, wanted to share some of the evening with you.)

Our MC did a great job - but, I don't think he was ever this embarrassed as the camera made him.  

Jack invited us to see the Gasoline Museum at night.  We all were very impressed with what a spectacular place this is.  This was Friday evening.

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